Salesforce Developer Salary in 2023

A guide to Salesforce developer salary in, role and how to earn more money in 2023. Salesforce Developer is one of the most demanding skills in Salesforce industries. This job profile named as one of the top 25 jobs in the world, across any sector, by LinkedIn, you would expect a salary that matches this recognition.

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What is a Salesforce Developer?

A developer is a programmer who builds business applications. Salesforce Developers are the ones who used to write the code on the Salesforce platform using programming languages like Apex, JavaScript, Aura, and Lightning Web Components. Learn more about how to become a Salesforce Developer post to learn more.

Salesforce Developer Salary

One resource that will help inform those decisions is MASON FRANK’s Salesforce Careers and Hiring Guide, the largest independent survey of Salesforce professionals anywhere on the planet. Here is some data from the survey.

Salesforce Developer Salary in North America

The average senior Salesforce Developer Salary is $130,250 to $180,000 per year in the United States (USA) and 133,750 to 165,000 in Canada.

LocationJunior pay bandSenior pay bandContract rate (per
United States($)101,750 – 130,250130,250 – 180,000+94-161 (p/h)
Canada (C$)108,750 – 133,750133,750 – 165,000+70 – 181

Salesforce’s entry-level salary for a Salesforce developer is 101,750 to 130,250 in the US. Most things depend on years of experience and location/state.

Salesforce Developer Salary in Europe

The average Salesforce developer salary in the UK is 74,250 to 92,250 per year. The salary of a Salesforce developer in Germany is 61,000 to 72,250.

LocationJunior pay bandSenior pay bandContract rate (per
United Kingdom (£)39,500 – 74,25074,250 – 92,250+566-796 (p/d)
Germany (Euro)61,000 – 76,25076,250 – 90,000+533-767 (p/d)

Check our Salesforce Salary Guide and average Salesforce salaries in different job profiles.

Salesforce Developer Career Path

There are different career paths for Salesforce Developers. Here is two path we documented.

Salesforce Developer Career path

Check different Salesforce careers path and options in our old post.

How to Earn More as a Salesforce Developer

How to increase a Salesforce developer’s salary? Here are some tips to earn more as a Salesforce Developer.

1. Become A LWC Expert

Become a Lightning Web Components expert. Nowadays, LWC developers are in demand in the Salesforce Job Market.

  • Become an expert in JavaScript.
  • Prioritize out-of-the-box
  • Learn SLDC

If you are new to LWC. Check our FREE Lightning web component Training.

2. Learn about OmniStudio

Specializing in areas such as MuleSoft or Vlocity will increase earning potential. Learn about the below topic.

3. Expert in Standards

Learn about different design patterns and best practices to become an expert developer in Salesforce.

  • Development methodology
  • Coding Standards
  • Frameworks
  • Integration Patterns
  • Salesforce Best Practices
  • Ensure Scalability, Consistency, Reusability.

4. Learn MuleSoft

Salesforce Integration is one of the most important part of any Salesforce project. Learn about Salesforce Integration pattern and MuleSoft. Which will be an extra addition to your career.

Hey there! We’ve got a fantastic deal for you – FREE MuleSoft Training. Please hurry up and grab it while it’s hot!

5. Make a Personal Brand

Your personal branding will always help you in your Salesforce career progress. Join the Salesforce community and give it back. It will help you to make a good network and build your personal brand. Start speaking at community events or start your own blog.

You can Join Apex Hours Teams as guest blogger or speakers too. In that way, you connect with our 200K+ readers.

6. Get Certified

67% of staff that completed a Salesforce certification reported a subsequent salary increase. Becoming certified in the Salesforce system is essential for anyone looking to increase their value. It will give you an edge over other job applicants.

Discover an extensive list of Salesforce certifications that you shouldn’t miss out on!

7. Learn Consulting Skills

Learn consulting skills to communicate with with business and stakeholders. This will open on some more job option for you to growth in Salesforce developer careers. If you are working in off-share, then you might get a chance to work on-shore.

Skills Great Salesforce Consultants Have in Common.

8. Start your Journey2Architect

At this time, I am assuming you are an expert Salesforce developer or lead developer. So, the next step to increase your salary as a Salesforce developer is to become an Architect and look at the big picture.

Check our post how to become Salesforce Developer to Architect.

Salesforce Developer pay FAQ’s

How much money do Salesforce developers make?

Salesforce developer salary depends on location and number of experience. Senior Salesforce Developer’s average Salary is $130,250 to $180,000 per year in the US and 133,750 to 165,000 in Canada. Jr Salesforce developers make around 101,750 – 130,250 in the US.

Are Salesforce developers in demand?

Yes, the Salesforce developer’s job profile is named as one of the top 25 jobs in the world, across any sector, by LinkedIn.

Senior Salesforce Developer Salary in US

Senior Salesforce Developer’s average Salary is $130,250 to $180,000 per years in US and 133,750 to 165,000 in Canada

What is average Salesforce Admin Salary?

Global salaries for Salesforce Admins ; United States($), 92,250 – 114,500, 114,500 – 149,000+ ; Canada (C$), 80,000 – 100,000, 100,000 – 130,000. Learn more about Salesforce Admin Salary.


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