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Salesforce Admin Salary

The role of a Salesforce Administrator has evolved significantly in recent years, into one that requires a large degree of business acumen to align an implementation with an organization’s wider strategy. As a result, it’s a much more in-depth role than it’s ever been before.

Salesforce Admins also play a vital role in ensuring efficient operations for businesses, with responsibility for managing and maintaining the Salesforce platform for an organization. This includes setting up user accounts, customizing the platform according to the company’s needs, and developing reports, dashboards and workflows to ensure maximum efficiency.

Additionally, an Admin serves as the link between end users and developers by helping those using the platform on the frontline to get technical solutions, as well as troubleshooting other problems that arise from the use of the software. They manage data security and privacy settings while ensuring system reliability and user access, as well as creating data backups, monitoring usage trends, providing training to new users, assisting in formulating strategies for enhancing customer relationships, and responding to any queries related to Salesforce systems quickly and efficiently.

So with the demand for skilled Salesforce Administrators who can carry these tasks out on the rise, salaries for these professionals are also increasing. So, what is the average salary of an Administrator working on the world’s leading cloud-based CRM? Each year, we survey professionals around the world (with our most recent survey open now!) for our annual Careers and Hiring Guide to collect several metrics such as certifications, job satisfaction, and ED&I. We also analyze salaries, verified against our own placement data to ensure accuracy. It gives us a detailed view of the packages on offer to Salesforce professionals worldwide, helping the workforce better gauge their true worth.

Global salaries for Salesforce Admins

The average salaries for Salesforce Administrators around the world last year were as follows:

LocationJunior pay bandSenior pay bandContract rate (per
United States($) 92,250 – 114,500114,500 – 149,000+71 – 140 p/h
Canada (C$)80,000 – 100,000100,000 – 130,000+50 – 100 p/h
United Kingdom (£)30,750 – 51,00051,000 – 64,000+299 – 510 p/d
Germany (€)46,750 – 62,00062,000 – 78,750+318 – 539 p/d
France (€)39,000 – 56,75056,750 – 63,000+400 – 650 p/d
Japan (¥)2,620,000 – 4,230,0004,230,000 – 6,160,000+n/a

The guide carries detailed salary points for more locations worldwide, as well as other roles within the Salesforce ecosystem, making it an essential piece of reading for any professional in the community.

How can I earn more?

You’ll notice there’s a difference in salary depending on experience—unfortunately there’s not really such a thing as “time-served” in the Salesforce ecosystem, with salaries tending to reflect a candidate’s range of abilities rather than simply how long they’ve worked within the stack. For instance, 67% of staff that completed a Salesforce certification reported a subsequent salary increase. Becoming certified in the Salesforce system is essential for anyone looking to increase their value. Not only does it give you an edge over other job applicants but it also demonstrates that you have a deep understanding of the software and its capabilities, which is backed up by the vendor themselves.

Of course, the more honed skills you have as a Salesforce Administrator, the more desirable you become in today’s competitive talent pool. Getting well-versed with new technologies used on the platform doesn’t just maximize your efficiency when using them to complete day-to-day tasks within your team or organization, it makes you a more desirable candidate too. Additionally, staying up to date with emerging trends within the industry, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, keeps you ahead of the curve when crafting solutions tailored to specific customer needs, increasing your value in the process.

Next is ensuring you research salaries for your role and location through resources such as our Careers and Hiring Guide. To ensure that you receive fair compensation for your expertise and hard work, it’s important for you to know what other professionals in similar roles are being paid throughout different regions or countries across the globe so that your salary requests can be realistic and accepted by employers during salary negotiations.

Beyond that, it’s worth keeping in mind other results from the guide as to the factors that increase a Salesforce professional’s earning potential. Years of technical experience with the platform was closely followed by exposure to large projects, so make sure you’re getting your hands dirty when those big tasks appear. It’s also worth noting that specific vertical/industry knowledge can also be an asset, so look to utilize what’s on your resume in that sense, too.

Salesforce Admin Salary and Tips to earn more

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Reaching beyond

So what happens when you’ve truly mastered the domain of a Salesforce Administrator? Like anything, there will ultimately be a ceiling on what you can earn, so for those whom money is a big motivator, the good news is that there are plenty of other career paths you can take to further your ambitions.

For instance, a Salesforce Solution Architect is responsible for leading and managing the design, development, maintenance, and support of the organization’s implementation. They must have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the software, from architecture to how it works within the business context. In addition, they must use their expertise in developing strategic plans to improve system performance and staying up-to-date on any new technologies or trends related to Salesforce.

The role of a Solutions Consultant is not only to help customers with implementing Salesforce but also to advise them on how best to use the platform for their needs. Someone in this position will be expected to have experience with multiple industries so that they can understand the customer’s objectives and develop various solutions that work with their specific industry standards or goals.

Finally, a Business Analyst is another potential avenue for an experienced Admin. They are responsible for identifying opportunities that could benefit from implementing Salesforce solutions across various departments in an organization. Business Analysts typically collaborate closely with customers and stakeholders in order to ensure project success and provide ongoing guidance throughout all phases of product development.

All of these roles are within reach of a Salesforce Administrator that is willing to put the time and effort into expanding their existing skillset.

Help make your voice heard

Of course, much of our insight into the world of Salesforce professionals would be impossible without the input from those across the global community. That’s why taking our survey is so important, and why we’re also willing to offer the chance to win a $500 gift card in our prize draw as our way of saying thank you for your time.

Thanks to the thousands of cloud specialists around the world, we’re able to offer a detailed view of the ecosystem that benefits both employers and employees alike. So, for advice on the next steps in your career as a Salesforce Admin, why not download our latest guide? And if you want to shape our next edition, we’d love to hear from you.

Take the Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide survey now.

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