Deep Dive into #JourneyToCTA With key tips

Certified Technical Architect Certification Guide & Tips

Join us and learn about How to prepare for Salesforce Technical Architect exam. We will do deep dive into #JourneyToCTA, with key tips and artifacts for success with Q&A. The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) solves complex, large-scale customer challenges to produce secure, scalable, and high-performance solutions that maximize the full potential of the Salesforce Platform. … Read more Deep Dive into #JourneyToCTA With key tips

Building Artifacts from Requirements

Are you looking for better ways to convey your solutions to stakeholders? Building System Landscape and Object Model diagrams are key tools for sharing your thoughts. We will examine how to think through building diagrams, and reasons behind each item on an artifact. You will learn the tips and tricks that transform your diagrams from … Read more Building Artifacts from Requirements

Top 10 Tips for Salesforce CTA Exam

Salesforce Technical Architect CTA Tips

A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential anyone can hold in Salesforce ecosystem. You can say, they are rare to find in Salesforce ecosystem like unicorns. What is a Salesforce Technical Architect? A Salesforce Solution Architect is someone who has been certified for demonstrating the capabilities to build and design solutions across Salesforce … Read more Top 10 Tips for Salesforce CTA Exam

Large Data Volumes (LDV) in Salesforce

LDV in Salesforce

In this session/post we will talk about Large Data Volumes (LDV) & Data Management. We will also cover how to make Strategies for dealing with LDV scenarios in Salesforce, common data and sharing consideration, Data load Strategy in Salesforce. This session is highly recommend for those who are studying for their Data Architecture & Management … Read more Large Data Volumes (LDV) in Salesforce

Admin knowledge matters for the CTA

In this session and post we will talk about why you need to know Administration to become a CTA? More than 60 to 70% of requirements can be solved with Click. You should be chosen click over code if possible. Salesforce Administrators are in an excellent position to transition into an Architecture. The trick is … Read more Admin knowledge matters for the CTA