Salesforce Salary Guide in 2024

Every year, Mason Frank surveys Salesforce professionals from all over the globe, uncovering the latest trends and sentiments among the ecosystem’s top talent for the annual Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: Salesforce Edition. Here is the Salesforce Salary Guide in 2024 and the average Salesforce salaries in different job profiles.

While thoughts and opinions around areas like remote work, perks and benefits, training and
certifications shift year to year, one factor consistently remains top of the interest list: salary. And that rings true for both permanent professionals and contractors—understandably, they want to benchmark their salary and work out how to maximize their earning potential.

In 2024, 64% of Salesforce professionals were reportedly satisfied with their salary (representing a small decline from 65% in last year’s survey), while 85% of contractors listed earning potential as having the biggest influence on whether they accept a contract offer.

Combined with the 76% of professionals who experienced a pay increase when changing jobs and the 40% of organizations reportedly using salary increases as a tool to stay competitive in attracting talent, this data highlights ample opportunity for professionals to improve their compensation, whether that’s by renegotiating with their current employer or making the move across the ecosystem. But what exactly can you expect to earn?

Whether you’re looking for insights on what you could earn as a new Salesforce pro, a ballpark figure to take into your next interview, or a way to benchmark what freelance rates you should be charging, this Salesforce Salary Guide 2024 has you covered!

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator position is a common starting point for those venturing into new tech
careers, having perhaps first been a Salesforce user in a non-technical role. As the Salesforce
Administrator role involves managing and understanding the functionality of Salesforce, admins often progress as their knowledge and experience with the platform grows—and with these professionals becoming increasingly involved in crucial decision-making within an organization, those with a level of business acumen will likely find career success sooner than their peers.

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Average Salesforce Admin Salary

How much do Salesforce Administrators make and what is the average Salesforce admin Salary?

Average Salesforce Administrator salary
Average Salesforce Administrator salary

Over two thirds (67%) of Salesforce Administrators are satisfied with their salary in 2024, with a huge 94% of them telling us that years of technical experience with Salesforce is the biggest factor impacting your earning potential in this role.

Junior-level admins can expect to earn between £33,000 and £54,750 in the UK, while senior roles in the US can pay between $112,500 and $147,000. Whereas the average work week was 41 hours long for permanent professionals, freelance Salesforce Administrators worked an average of just 36 hours.

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Average Senior Salesforce Admin Salary

With Senior Administrators looking to receive a salary of up to $149,000 it’s the perfect stepping stone into the Salesforce world, allowing professionals to earn a healthy salary before either earning more as they qualify for other roles within the ecosystem, or increasing their earning power as they specialize further within the platform and evolve into more experienced team members.

Salesforce Business Analyst

The responsibility of a Salesforce Business Analyst is to help clients overcome business challenges using Salesforce solutions. Typically working project-based, a Business Analyst helps organizations identify the optimizations and customizations they need to implement in order to achieve objectives. They also act as the bridge between customer and partner. These professionals often come from backgrounds in data analysis, data science, and business system analysis.

Average Salesforce Business Analyst salary

Just 56% of Business Analysts report being satisfied with their current salary, representing a 10% decline from last year’s data. Junior-level professionals in the US can expect to earn between $97,000 and $135,000 for this role, while senior-level Business Analysts will earn between £73,750 and £85,750 in the UK and between €61,000 – €93,000 in Germany.

Salesforce Developer

As Salesforce uses programming languages like Apex and JavaScript, it’s not uncommon for a Salesforce Developer to start their career in an entirely different role, teaching themselves to code before cross-training into Salesforce. Of course, they may also come from a wide range of other web development backgrounds or roles that involve a working knowledge of Java. Whatever their experience, Salesforce Developers are instrumental in guiding developments in the technology, but with a mammoth 99% of devs telling us that years of technical experience is the biggest influence on their earning potential, it’s those with the most advanced technical know-how and an understanding of how this applies to real-world business problems that will earn the highest salaries.

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Average Salesforce Developer Salary

How much do Salesforce Developers make and what is the average Salesforce Developer Salary?

Average Salesforce Developer Salary
Average Salesforce Developer Salary

Junior Developers in the United Kingdom can expect to earn between £42,250 and £79,750, rising to £79,750 and £99,250 for more senior-level Developer positions. Meanwhile, in the US, juniors can earn up to $129,000, while senior salaries peak at up to $178,000. Over three fifths (62%) of Developers are happy with their current salary, which is down significantly from 77% in 2023’s survey. There’s also a disparity between the length of the working week, with permanent professionals working 41 hours, compared to freelance Developers working an average of 33 hours per week—yet as the figures show, this isn’t necessarily reflected in a disparity in earning potential across the two employment types.

Salesforce Consultant

When it comes to a career as a Salesforce Consultant, there are two avenues you can explore: Salesforce Functional Consultant and Salesforce Technical Consultant. Both paths can lead to rewarding careers, offering the opportunity to implement and optimize Salesforce products in line with client requirements and objectives.

Functional Consultants are experts in requirements gathering, process mapping, and documentation. Professionals in this role require not only an in-depth understanding of best practices and optimal configurations but also an extensive knowledge of the Salesforce Platform and its architecture.

Meanwhile, Technical Consultants require more technical knowledge (the clue’s in the name!) of
systems integration, architecture, and API. Since the role involves the design and planning of system infrastructure, Technical Consultants often have a background in development, programming, or software engineering.

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Average Salesforce Functional Consultant Salary

How much do Salesforce Functional consultants make and what is the average Salesforce Functional Consultant Salary?

Average Salesforce Functional Consultant salary
Average Salesforce Functional Consultant salary

Average Salesforce Technical Consultant Salary

How much do Salesforce Technical consultants make and what is the average Salesforce Technical consultants Salary?

A similarly low proportion of Functional and Technical Consultants were happy with their pay this year, with 56% and 58% respectively reporting being satisfied with their salary. Despite this, Technical Consultant roles continued to remain more lucrative for Salesforce professionals in 2024, with higher earning potential demonstrated across seniority levels and locations, peaking at $190,000 in the US.

Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Architects come in two forms: Solution Architects and Technical Architects.

Solution Architects are the big-picture thinkers designing high-performing, scalable solutions. These technical experts have a knack for communicating with both stakeholders and other professionals in a technical and non-technical capacity, which is crucial to their ability to translate customer goals into effective configurations, workflows, and data models.

Technical Architects, on the other hand, are the ones getting stuck into the ‘nitty gritty’ of
implementation. As a highly technical and complex role requiring significant expertise and experience, they’re expected to know the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform—meaning the path to becoming a Salesforce Technical Architect is neither short nor easy.

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Average Salesforce Solution Architect salary

How much do Salesforce Solution Architects make and what is the average Salesforce Technical Architect Salary?

Average Salesforce Solution Architect salary

Average Salesforce Technical Architect salary

While two-thirds (66%) of Solutions Architects reported being satisfied with their salary this year, a significant three-quarters (75%) of Technical Architects reported the same. This is likely due to Technical Architects being amongst the highest-paid Salesforce professionals, earning upwards of £1,000 per day freelancing in the UK, and $220,000 a year in permanent positions in the US. Remember that this is for a reason, however: to succeed, the role requires market-leading expertise and extensive experience that takes years to craft.

So, what next?

One of the most exciting things about working with Salesforce is that new opportunities arise every single day. When one door shuts, another opens, meaning there’s always another direction to make your next career move in Salesforce—you just need to find it! And that’s what makes resources like the Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide so invaluable.

Our snapshot of the Salesforce community and hiring market offers a comprehensive insight into the latest trends and sentiments, helping you make more informed decisions about how best to leverage your strengths and interests to unlock a prosperous career in tech. Better yet, the Careers and Hiring Guide is now available online for the first time ever—so go check it out today!

Zoë Morris
Zoë Morris

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