Salesforce Salary Guide in 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, businesses and professionals will be evaluating what the following year looks like for them individually. Whether that’s looking at overall happiness, measuring successes and projecting goals, or even searching for new directions, it’s important for everyone (no matter their position) to be as informed as possible on their sector’s landscape. Here is Salesforce Salary Guide in 2023 and average Salesforce salaries in different job profile.

With that in mind, it’s understandable that before logging off for the holidays, plenty of professionals may have an eye on career goals and resolutions ahead of returning in the new year. One resource that will help inform those decisions is our very own Salesforce Careers and Hiring Guide, the largest independent survey of Salesforce professionals anywhere on the planet.

As well as covering employee sentiment on everything from benefits to certifications, it also includes vital information about the most in-demand Salesforce careers in the market, as well as the salaries you can expect to earn in each region. So, what are the career opportunities that lie ahead for these either new to the platform, or looking at their next move in the new year? Let look into Salesforce Salary Guide in 2023

Salesforce Administrator

For many, the Salesforce Administrator role is seen as a starting point in their tech career as they get to grips with the platform. It can also be an excellent foundation for anyone wanting to begin their tech journey without as much in-depth understanding of cloud products, allowing Admins to understand and customize Salesforce using declarative configuration, and how to maintain and nurture a Salesforce organization while supporting end users in their tech needs. There is a necessary level of business acumen required, as Salesforce Administrators are becoming increasingly more involved in crucial decisions within an organization as the role evolves.

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Average Salesforce Admin Salary

How much do Salesforce Administrators make and what is the average Salesforce admin Salary?

Average Salesforce Admin Salary

What can you expect to earn? On average, a Junior Salesforce Administrator is likely to receive a salary of around $92,250 – $114,500 if they are located in the US, with Junior Admins in the UK earning £30,750 – £51,000. On top of this, 66% of Salesforce Administrators reported that they were satisfied with their salary.

The role itself is crucial to any successful organization, providing the innovation to stay competitive and tech ready. If professionals can market themselves as indispensable, they can expect the level of compensation that comes with that. Other ways to increase your earnings include specific vertical experience—becoming an expert in products like Vlocity, FSL, and Service Cloud can make all the difference.

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Average Senior Salesforce Admin Salary

With Senior Administrators looking to receive a salary of up to $149,000 it’s the perfect stepping stone into the Salesforce world, allowing professionals to earn a healthy salary before either earning more as they qualify for other roles within the ecosystem, or increasing their earning power as they specialize further within the platform and evolve into more experienced team members.

Salesforce Developer

With every evolution of Salesforce comes the need for professionals that can help guide these advancements, making Salesforce Developers a desired and demanded role within the ecosystem. Stepping in when requirements go beyond declarative configuration tools, Developers use programming languages such as Apex and JavaScript to ensure success. Previously named one of the top 25 jobs in the world, across any sector, by LinkedIn, you would expect a salary that matches this recognition. 

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Average Salesforce Developer Salary

How much do Salesforce Developers make and what is the average Salesforce Developer Salary?

Average Salesforce Developer Salary
Average Salesforce Developer Salary

Looking at the data from this year’s guide, Junior Salesforce Developers stand to make up to $130,250 per annum in the US. With their peers in the UK earning between £39,500 – £74,250 at entry level positions, the scope is there for significant pay increases as your skillset increases. Moving to Senior roles, Developers are receiving up to $180,000 in the US, with flexibility, while Developers in the UK can expect to earn between £74,250 – £92,250.

For those who want to increase their earning potential, specializing in areas such as MuleSoft or Vlocity is an excellent place to start. The certification itself is also a prerequisite for the role as a Technical Architect, making it a great addition to the resume of anyone wanting to work their way up the Salesforce technical ladder.

It’s also worth noting that for those who’d prefer the lucrative world of freelancing, contract Developers are currently earning $94-$151 (p/h) on average in US locations, with UK-based professionals receiving £566-£796 (p/d), showing a significant difference depending on where you are based.

Salesforce Consultant

The Salesforce Consultant role can be a rewarding career, with professionals having control over how businesses operate to ensure effectiveness. Consultants implement and optimize the products that Salesforce has on offer in line with client requirements in a scalable way, making it a crucial role in the ecosystem. To excel in the role, professionals need to leverage their expertise (time and advice) proactively, adapting to developments that will test the vastness of their knowledge. 

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Average Salesforce Functional Consultant Salary

How much do Salesforce Functional consultants make and what is the average Salesforce Functional Consultant Salary?

Average Salesforce Functional Consultant Salary
Average Salesforce Functional Consultant Salary

Average Salesforce Technical Consultant Salary

How much do Salesforce Technical consultants make and what is the average Salesforce Technical consultants Salary?

Average Salesforce Technical Consultant Salary
Average Salesforce Technical Consultant Salary

In our latest survey, we questioned two different types of Consultants: Functional and Technical. We found that more Technical Consultants (81%) are satisfied with their current role, compared to 57% of Functional Consultants. There could be several reasons for this decrease, however one fact is certain—there is a considerable jump in the average salary of a Salesforce Technical Consultant in comparison to a Functional Consultant. The average salary of a Junior Functional Consultant is between $117,750 and $143,750 (or £50,500 to £68,750 for workers in the UK) which jumps up to around $167,750 in Senior roles.

Salesforce Technical Architect

Technical Architects are in high demand across the Salesforce ecosystem, making it one of the highest paying roles in the ecosystem and rewarded accordingly—78% of Salesforce Technical Architects are satisfied with their salary, up from 64% in our last survey. Due to the difficulty of the certification process, they are a rare commodity across Salesforce, often referred to as the ‘one percent’ in the ecosystem. However, once you have verified your skills with the certification, it’s safe to say that your earning potential will significantly rocket.

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Average Salesforce Technical Architect Salary

How much do Salesforce Technical Architects make and what is the average Salesforce Technical Architect Salary?

Average Salesforce Technical Architect Salary
Average Salesforce Technical Architect Salary

For US-based Architects, the average salary you can expect is between $180,000 and $220,000, making it the highest-paid role from those discussed throughout this piece by a significant margin, with those in the UK reportedly earning up to £155,500 annually. While it’s a large jump in terms of average salary intake, we found that overall, only 63% of Salesforce Technical Architects were satisfied with their role, showing that money doesn’t always mean happiness.

So, what next?

Ultimately, your career in Salesforce depends not just on your own strengths, but your interests. The Salesforce universe feels almost infinite as the platform continues to evolve and grow, making resources like ours a useful tool in determining your next career move. With 2023 offering plenty of opportunity as demand for the platform (and those who power it) increases, the potential is there to shape your year the way you want. The Mason Frank Careers and Hiring guide: Salesforce Edition is available now.

Zoë Morris
Zoë Morris

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