Salesforce DevOps

5 Pillars of a successful Salesforce DevOps process

In this session we will talk about the 5 Pillars of a successful Salesforce DevOps process. What is DevOps DevOps = automated, more regular releases OR DevOps = simply a better way of managing releases /deployments Why is DevOps important A higher frequency of new releases to production Fewer bugs...

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Automate the App Lifecycle with CumulusCI

Portable automation takes the sophisticated build, setup, and test automation used in continuous integration and makes it available everywhere in the application’s lifecycle, for admins, developers, testers, product managers, and support engineers. It’s what lets develop dozens of managed packages and set up thousands of orgs every month without...

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Visual Studio Code For Salesforce

Visual Studio Code for Salesforce

Visual Studio Code is recommended IDE for Salesforce development. In this visual studio code tutorial we will talk about how to setup VsCode for Salesforce development. We will guide you step by step process to setup Vscode. In this session you will learn how to connect vscode to salesforce sandbox...

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Azure DevOps with Salesforce

Want to learn about DevOps and Azure DevOps Join our upcoming session Agenda :- What is DevOps? Why DevOps? Introduction to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment Prerequisite Live Demo Create a Project OverView of Project, Build, Release and other related stuffs Create a Build and Run the Build...

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Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On with Salesforce

In this session we talk about how to implement Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On with Salesforce. We also cover the Delegated Authentication and Federated Authentication(SAML) SSO. Single Sign On Delegated Authentication Federated Authentication(SAML) Identity Provider(IP) Service Provider(SP) Delegated Authentication Use delegated authentication if you have mobile users in your organization,...

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