Salesforce Certifications List

There are 44 Salesforce Certifications available in Salesforce in 2024. Salesforce Certifications grow your resume and highlight your skills. Prove your hands-on experience with Salesforce and get a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities. Let’s see the Salesforce certifications list in 2024. Salesforce certifications range from $75 to $6000.

Most of the certifications cost either $200 or $400. A retake exam for those who fail is offered at half-price.

Salesforce Certifications List

We have 41+ Salesforce certifications divided into Associate, Administrator, App Builder, Architect, Consultant, CPQ, Designer, Developer, and Marketing Cloud categories.

Salesforce Certifications List
Salesforce Certifications List

Here is a list of all Salesforce Certifications:

  1. Salesforce Certified Associate
  2. Salesforce Certified Administrator
  3. Salesforce Certified AI Associate
  4. Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate
  5. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  6. Salesforce Certified Business Analyst
  7. Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
  8. Salesforce Certified Data Architect
  9. Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect
  10. Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect
  11. Salesforce Certified Integration Architect
  12. Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect
  13. Salesforce Certified System Architect*
  14. Salesforce Certified Application Architect**
  15. Salesforce Certified Heroku Architect
  16. Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect
  17. Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect
  18. Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect
  19. Certified Technical Architect (CTA)
  20. Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant
  21. Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant
  22. Salesforce Certified Field Service Consultant
  23. Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  24. Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant
  25. Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant
  26. Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  27. Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  28. Salesforce Certified Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant
  29. Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist
  30. Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer
  31. Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer
  32. Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
  33. Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer
  34. Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I – Multiple Choice
  35. Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer
  36. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer
  37. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II – Multiple Choice
  38. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator
  39. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  40. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer
  41. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  42. Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant
  43. Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist
  44. Salesforce Certified Sales Representative

Check out Salesforce documentation for an updated list.

Salesforce Certification Cost

We have 41+ Salesforce certifications ranging from $75 to $6000. Most of the certifications cost either $200 or $400.

How to Prepare for Salesforce Certification

Here are some tips for practice tests, exam preparation, and how much Salesforce experience you need to take an exam.

Salesforce Associate

A Salesforce Certification Associate has basic knowledge of the Salesforce platform and has up to 6 months of Salesforce user experience. Associate should understand that reporting, user administration, sharing, customization, and data management at a foundational level is also beneficial. This exam doesn’t need technical expertise.

Check Salesforce Associate Certification post to learn more.

Salesforce certified administrator exam

In brief, Salesforce Admin Certification is built for candidates with broad knowledge of customizing Salesforce, regularly configuring the platform, managing users, and looking for ways to get even more out of its features and capabilities. This is one of the entry-level certifications in Salesforce for beginners.

Check Salesforce Admin Certification training to complete your exam.

OmniStudio Developer Exam

The Salesforce OmniStudio Developer credential is intended for individuals with knowledge, skills, and experience developing cloud applications using OmniStudio declarative development tools.

Check OmniStudio Developer Exam guide to learn more.

Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer Exam

The Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer credential is designed for individuals with experience developing configure, price, and quote applications for the Salesforce Communications, Media, and Energy & Utilities Clouds. The Certified Industries CPQ Developer can build products, promotions, pricing, and rules for use in order and quoting processes.

Check Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer Exam guide to learn more.

How to Register for Salesforce Certification

Webassessor is a web-based credential management system that allows you to apply for Salesforce certification exams and track your status.

How to get Free Salesforce Certification Voucher

An age-old saying goes, “The fruits of hard work are sweet.” However, at ApexHours, we believe that the fruits of your hard work are the sweetest. Salesforce has lots of programs where you can win Free Salesforce certification vouchers by joining some contests.

Certification FAQ’s

How many certifications are there currently in Salesforce

There are 43+ Salesforce Certifications available in Salesforce in 2024

What are the different types of Salesforce Certification?

We have 40 Salesforce certifications, which is divided into Associate, Administrator, App Builder, Architect, Consultant, CPQ, Designer, Developer, and Marketing Cloud categories.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Cost in India

The actual cost of certification is $200 plus local taxes. With 18%, it would be $236. Convert $236 * Rate of $ will be the final prize for certification in India

Which Salesforce certification is best for beginners?

It depends on you, but we recommend starting with Salesforce Admin Certification.

How much time do I need to complete my Salesforce Admin Certification?

On an average of 2 to 3 months, you can get Salesforce certified. But the time of preparation depends on person to person.

Salesforce Certification Verification

Check our Salesforce Certification Verification post to learn how you can be verified and check maintenance exam status. Follow the below step to Verify Salesforce certification status.

  1. Visit the Trailhead Verification page.
  2. Enter your Webassessor email beneath Certification Holders: Check Your Status.
  3. Click Request and follow any subsequent prompts.
  4. Your credential status will be sent to you in an email.

You can also verify a Salesforce-certified professional with the above steps.