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Are you a Salesforce Admin or want to become a Salesforce Admin. This blog post series is for you

Lightning Web Runtime

Lightning Web Runtime (LWR)

Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) empowers you to craft digital experiences tailored to the rigorous demands of contemporary web applications, encompassing scalability, security, and peak performance. At its core, LWR offers a versatile and unbiased approach to configuring and loading essential…

Salesforce Lead Assignment rules

Salesforce Lead Assignment rules

Salesforce Lead Assignment rules automate your org lead generation and support processes. Lead Assignment Rules are a powerful tool that enables the automatic assignment of leads to the right sales representatives based on specific criteria. What is Salesforce Lead Assignment…

CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics Guide

CRM Analytics is a Salesforce-native analytics experience that’s built for CRM users. Salesforce CRM Analytics refers to using data analysis tools to get insights into customer behavior and preferences. It helps businesses understand their customers better and identify trends, retention,…

Salesforce User Management

Salesforce User Management

Join our complete guide to Salesforce User Management. In this post we will learn about what is user in salesforce, how to create User in Salesforce and When to deactivate user or Freeze. What is User Management in Salesforce? As…