Salesforce Certified Sales Representative

Breaking news!! Salesforce announced the new exam called Salesforce Certified Sales Representative which is available from May 4, 2023. This exam will validate skills in Sales strategy, Planning, Customer engagement, deal management, forecasting, Handling objections, negotiations and customer success.

What is a Sales Professional?

Sales professionals one who bring in revenue by sharing valuable product and service solutions to solve customer problems. Sales professionals use research, product knowledge, and team selling to drive customer success. Learn more about how to become a Sales Professional.

What is Salesforce Certified Sales Representative?

The Salesforce Certified Sales Representative should have knowledge of the sales process and should be good in planning and prospect research, deal management, pipeline forecasting and closing deals with value. Candidates should also have a detailed understanding of their customers, putting them at the center with a commitment to their success, leading with empathy.

Exam will available from May 4, 2023.


Sales Representative certification exam is for who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience in the following areas:

  • Guiding discovery and create a sales plan.
  • Fostering for customer engagement.
  • Who can handle objections and negotiations.
  • Committed to close deals.
  • Identifying pipeline generation and pipeline progression.
  • Applying knowledge of forecasting to drive opportunities and renewals.
  • Achieving customer success through order management and fulfillment, service and support, and customer value.

About the Exam

Read on for details about the Sales Representative exam.

  • Content: 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Time: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Registration fee: USD 200 plus applicable taxes.

Exam Outline

  1. Planning: 21%
    • Describe the elements of territory planning.
    • Create an approach to engage key accounts.
    • Calculate sales quota attainability based on account, territory, and prospect insights.
    • Develop business relationships and build partnerships with key roles and personas.
  2. Customer Engagement: 15%
    • Demonstrate thought leadership and build credibility to shift the customer’s thinking.
    • Leverage multiple touchpoints to build prospect interest and align on why a solution meets their needs.
    • Nurture relationships and drive product adoption to maximize value for the customer
  3. Deal Management: 37%
    • Identify how to qualify a prospect and when to move to the next stage of the sales process.
    • Determine customer’s business strategies, goals, initiatives, and challenges to define the scope of the solution.
    • Develop and present the value proposition of a solution based on customer needs.
    • Identify and remove all challenges to finalize the deal.
    • Gain customer commitment and close formal contract.
  4. Pipeline Management: 12 %
    • Identify and generate new pipeline.
    • Analyze pipeline health insights ensuring data integrity to improve customer relevance.
    • Explain pipe progression and stage velocity.
  5. Forecasting: 6%
    • Assess forecast accuracy to drive opportunity consistency.
    • Measure the risks and opportunities associated with a business deal.
    • Explain key inputs that drive the forecasting process.
  6. Customer success: 9%
    • Identify the actions needed to book and fulfill orders.
    • Identify the post-sales customer journey.
    • Assess customer realized and expected value.

Learn more here.

Sales Professional Exam Training.

The self-study materials recommended for this exam include:


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