Webassessor Salesforce

Webassessor Salesforce

Webassessor is a web-based credential management system that allows you to apply for Salesforce certification exams and track your status.

What is Webassessor?

Webassessor is a SaaS platform that empowers organizations to develop items, test forms and manage candidates and exams in real-time from Kryterion. Salesforce uses this online tool for Salesforce certification. You can register online exam or give an exam at Kryterion Test center from Webassessor.

Webassessor Salesforce sign up

First thing first. If you want to register for your First Salesforce Certification then you need to signup for Webassessor Salesforce account.

Step 1) Go to home page and click on “Create a new Webasserror Login now” link

Step 2) Complete below form to create the user.

Schedule your Salesforce Certification Exam

Let see the step by step process to schedule your Salesforce Certification Exam.

1) Login in your webassessor account.

2) Then click on Register for An Exam tab

3) Select the exam category. Then you can select online or onsite exam option. Like below screen

4) Let take example for onsite exam here. After click on register button it will ask you to select the Testing Center where you wish to take the test.

5)After selecting the options click on the select button from the bottom of the screen. Then it will ask you to select the date and time.

6) Last step is confirmation and payment. If you have any voucher code that you can use in the below screen. After that click on the Checkout option which will take you to the payment option.

Step 7) Payment option will come in last page

Webassessor Salesforce support

If you need any help for Salesforce certification from Webassessor then follow below step click on help option from top of the screen or click on open a case option.

If you still did not get proper help here. Then check this article.

How do I link my Salesforce certification to a company?

Login to your Webassessor then click on “Edit Profile” from top menu. Then update below details. Add your company name and select “Are you a” as “SFDC Partner”.

How do I link my Salesforce certification to a company?

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