Salesforce Certification Verification

How to Verify Salesforce Certification to confirm skills and experience. Or check your account linking status and any upcoming maintenance requirements. In this post we will learn step by step process for Salesforce Certification Verification.

Salesforce Certification Verification

Let learn how you can verify a Salesforce certified professional and check your status for Maintenance due date.

1. Check your Salesforce certification status

Let see how we can verify our Salesforce certification status and Maintenance due date for our exam.

Step 1: Visit on Trailhead.

Step 2: Open the verification page

Click on Credential tab then select verify certifications link.

Salesforce Certification Verification

Step 3: Check Your Status

Now enter your email id in Check Your Status and click on Request button.

Step 4: Check your email.

After click on request button you will get email. From where you can Verify Your Salesforce Certifications.

2. How to Verify Your Salesforce Certifications

You can verified any professional certification from trailhead verification page if candidate opt-in verification in WebAssessor. Enter the name or email id of professional then click on Search.

Verify a Salesforce Certified Professional

Then select the professional name

then click on credentials info to see all certification

Salesforce Certified professionals

Check below section to learn about how to enable verification opt-in.

Check All Salesforce certification list.

WebAssessor: Verification Opt-In

Let see how to enable the verification opt-in in webassessor.

  1. Login to webassessor.
  2. Click on Edit profile. Then select the verification opt-in checkbox.

Learn more about Webassessor Salesforce.


How do I know if someone has a Salesforce certification?

You can verify Salesforce certification from Salesforce Certification Verification page. Then enter the name or email to search the certification.

How much does Salesforce certification verification cost?

You can verified any professional certification free of cost from verification page.

How do I know when my Salesforce certification expires?

You have to give maintenance exam to maintain your certification once a year. Use check your Salesforce certification status from Salesforce Certification Verification page.

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