Salesforce CPQ Option Constraints

Option Constraints

Configuration logic can also perform non-technical validations, to control how products are offered together from a commercial or business perspective. The two primary types of configuration logic Salesforce CPQ offer are Option Constraints and Product Rules. This video is focused on Option Constraints. In the video, we would look at how the configuration logic can … Read more Salesforce CPQ Option Constraints

Salesforce CPQ Bundle Configuration

Bundle Configuration

Use the configurator to add or remove options from your bundle products. The configurator displays your bundle features and the options available within each feature.  Based on certain product fields, you can enter the configurator when you add a bundle product or click reconfigure bundle on a bundle product quote line. In the video, we … Read more Salesforce CPQ Bundle Configuration

Salesforce CPQ Bundles


Bundles are nothing but collections of products that are offered together. Bundles may be pre-packaged, allowing no modifications or they may be configurable which is mostly the case with Salesforce CPQ, allowing the user to determine the structure of the bundle. When configurable, this is often guided by rules that are put in place that … Read more Salesforce CPQ Bundles

Salesforce CPQ Products


Product catalog is the foundation upon which a substantial amount of the CPQ configuration is built. It is extremely important to take time to define the products well. Products in Salesforce CPQ are configured either as subscriptions or perpetual products. This drives a lot of behavior in terms of pricing, contracting, and renewals. In the … Read more Salesforce CPQ Products

Salesforce CPQ Guided Selling

Guided Selling

Many successful Sales Reps don’t just sell products, but they guide their customers in selecting the right products to buy. Guided selling in Salesforce CPQ enables this. With guided selling, users can quickly and easily sort through a large product catalog to find what exactly they are looking for In this session, we would take … Read more Salesforce CPQ Guided Selling

Salesforce CPQ Custom Actions & Search Filters

Custom Actions & Search Filters

Custom actions are buttons that sales reps can click to perform an action in the quote line editor, configuration, or several other detail pages. Custom actions have different actions available based on where the custom action appears in Salesforce CPQ. Quote line editor’s search filter is used to filter products, assets, or subscriptions by their … Read more Salesforce CPQ Custom Actions & Search Filters

Salesforce CPQ Quote Line Editor

Quote Line Editor

The core of CPQ is Quote & Quote Lines. Quote Line Editor is the user interface Salesforce CPQ provides the Sales Reps to add or remove products, apply discounts and markups, and calculate prices for their quote. This session will covers functions around using the quote line editor, adding columns to the quote line editor, … Read more Salesforce CPQ Quote Line Editor

Salesforce CPQ Package Settings

CPQ Package Settings

In our first session we cover the Introduction to Salesforce CPQ. In this session we will talk about Salesforce CPQ package setting. Salesforce CPQ is an installed package. The package settings available here control the properties of feature areas within Salesforce CPQ. This session will covers the different Salesforce CPQ Package settings pertaining to Document, … Read more Salesforce CPQ Package Settings

Introduction to Salesforce CPQ

Introduction to Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ, formally known as a Steelbrick is a Configure-Price-Quote CRM platform which streamlines quote to cash process, enabling Sales Reps to quote and price efficiently & accurately. With it’s amazing out of the box features for Product Configuration, easy to configure bundles and Options, advanced Pricing and discounting for different needs, CPQ offers outstanding … Read more Introduction to Salesforce CPQ