CPQ Quote Documents

CPQ Quote Documents

After we finalize our quote, Salesforce CPQ lets us create a document for it, and then send the document to our customers. Salesforce CPQ lets us customize the document creation and management process. We could use the easy-to-configure Quote Templates, Quote sections and Quote Terms which are not only easy to use across different quote documents but also reusable.

In the video, we would look in detail about creating quote documents, and utilize the capabilities of templates, quote sections and quote terms to enable Sales a Reps to send an accurate and professional quote document to the Customers.


Here is agenda of session

  • Overview of Document Generation
  • Template Content
  • Types of Content
    • HTML
    • Line Items
    • Quote Teams
  • Additional Documents
Date     : JAN 27, 2021 9:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST )
Where : https://youtu.be/SvufFatnb3E 

Learn & Win

In addition to this, All Apex Hours CPQ attendees are eligible to win the following

  1. 10 Udemy course voucher for Mastering Salesforce DX 
  2. 5 Lightning web components course Vouchers

Here is rule for our CPQ Training Contest.

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Further Learning

  • Link to Salesforce Help Article
  • Link to Trailhead

If you missed the initial session then please check our Salesforce CPQ Playlist for recording and check our all Salesforce CPQ Training sessions detail from here. Please help us to spread the words with #ApexHoursCPQ

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Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates. He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

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  • Hi ApexHours,

    Completed the video session today on “CPQ Quote Documents”.

  • Salesforce CPQ Quote Documents. Thank you very much for the detailed session on Quote Documents 👍

  • Completed session 18 of CPQ Document generation. very useful session to understand how to configure document and append content on document based on condition if needed. Thank you Apex hours team for the informative session.

  • Session 18# CPQ Quote Documents completed, it is a nice configuration to a generation of document easily

  • Successfully completed Session 18 – ‘CPQ Quote Documents’ by Sudha Sundaram.

    Very informative session on Content type and linking it to Quote templates. Liked the detailing of each type of template contents and the power of ‘Conditional Fields’ and ‘Section’ that determines the conditional rendering of column or section in the Quote document. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Icing on the cake is the additional documents to the quote document that is to be generated and of course the scene stealer is eSignature which is very necessary in the current no-touch normal world.

    Thanks Master and Apex Hours team.

  • Nice session very informative

  • Session 18# CPQ Quote Documents completed

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