Price Rules & Lookup Queries

Price rules automate price calculations and update quote line fields. This feature is useful if your business contains products that change in response to the presence of other products on a quote. Price rules inject a static value, field value, or summary variable into a quote or quote line field.

Price Rule has associated Price Conditions and Price Actions to define when it should fire and what it should do, respectively. 

Price Rules can also set price based on a custom table setup in Salesforce through the use of Lookup Queries

In this video we will go through, in detail, the setup of a simple price rule followed by a little more complex price rule. We will also go through a typical example of setting up a Price Rule with Lookup Queries.


Here is agenda of session

  • Intro to price Rules
  • Creating a Price Rule
  • Price Rule Advantages
  • Lookup Queries

Date   : JAN 21, 2021 9:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST)
Where : https://youtu.be/-jZjQHAim1Y

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    Asish Patnaik says:

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    Attended todays session on “Price Rules & Lookup Queries” and content was helpful. Need to explore on this topic to get more insights.

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    Salesforce CPQ Price Rules – Thanks Prasanth for making it simple!!!!!

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    Completed Session 14 of Price Rules and how to solve complex scenarios using Lookup Queries in Salesforce CPQ. Thank you Apex hours team.

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    M A says:

    Finished watching ‘Price rules & lookup queries’. Good session by Prashant. Thanks ApexHours team for your effort.

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    Session 14# Price Rules & Lookup Queries completed.

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    Session 14# Price Rules & Lookup Queries completed.


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    DAY13: Price Rules & Lookup Queries completed


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