Multi-Dimensional Quoting (MDQ)

You can show a fixed-price subscription product in the quote line editor as one quote line broken into segments. Each segment represents a unit of time (quarter, month, year, or custom) and has pricing and a quantity independent of the line’s other segments. We call these products multi-dimensional quoting (MDQ) products. They’re useful if you want your sales reps to have detailed control over pricing specific units of time within one subscription.

In this video, we will go through the process of setting up MDQ products, and explain the functionalities with different Price Dimension examples. We will also highlight key considerations to be aware of while using MDQ products.


Here is agenda of session

  • What is Multi Dimensional Quoting
  • Creating and Using MDQ Products
  • MDQ Product Considerations
Date     : FEB 01, 2021 9:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST )
Where : https://youtu.be/0eRI7l-C-CA 

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Further Learning

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  1. Reply
    Satish Undapalli says:

    Salesforce CPQ Multi-Dimensional Quoting (MDQ). Thanks for the Session! I really liked the explanation around MDQ considerations 👏👍

  2. Reply
    Asish Patnaik says:

    Hi Apex Hours,

    The session attended today on “Salesforce CPQ Multi-Dimensional Quoting (MDQ)” was nice and useful towards the learning path.

  3. Reply
    Kishan Patel says:

    Completed session 21 MDQ. great content and well explained MDQ consideration in Salesforce CPQ. Thank you Apex hours team.

  4. Reply
    Ankit Desai says:

    Session 21# Multi-Dimensional Quoting Completed

  5. Reply
    Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat says:

    Nice session very informative

  6. Reply
    M A says:

    Completed the session on ‘MDQ’. Nice information about segmentation of quote line items. Thanks Prashanth and ApexHours team.


  7. Reply
    Lijo Bose Cyril says:

    Session 21# Multi-Dimensional Quoting Completed


  8. Reply
    Joy Onome says:

    Hi Amit
    I do have questions with regards to MDQ Quoting and would be greatful , if you can point me in the right direction .
    We have Price Dimensions on multiple products , however , we would prefer that when this is added to the Quote the Sales Person should not be able to decrease the quantity of Year 2/3 to a number lesser than the quantity in Year 1 .
    Year 1= 10
    Year 2 -= 10 or above and not below 10
    Year 3 = 10 or above and not below 10
    How can this be achieved .

    Many Thanks

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