Field Service Lightning Setup

Now, that we’ve understood the data structure of FSL functionality and about its key players, now is the time where we install the package in our org. With Installing, there comes a lot of steps that we need to configure like updating permission sets, creating users if needed, giving them the needed licenses. All of which will be doing in this part.
We’ll also learn about Data Integration Rules, Feed Tracking , Enabling Entitlements and much more! Check how to setup Field Service.

Install the Field Service Managed Package

After Field Service is enabled, install the managed package to gain access to the dispatcher console, scheduling tools, a range of custom objects, and Guided Setup. When you install the Field Service managed package, you get the following features. 

  1. Guided Setup: There’s no need to go it alone! This nifty tool walks you through key setup tasks, including assigning permission sets, creating service resources, and customizing appointment booking settings. 
  2. Scheduling and optimization: Swiftly optimize your team’s schedule in a way that enforces your business objectives. Assign appointments according to your rules and priorities, such as worker skills, location, and availability. 
  3. Dispatcher console: Give dispatchers and supervisors a bird’s-eye view of your field service operations. The dispatcher console includes a customizable appointment list, easy-to-reach scheduling actions, dynamic Gantt chart, and interactive map. Dispatchers can check that jobs are routed to the right people, receive alerts, and monitor appointments in real time. 
  4. Administration app: Manage optimization, customize the dispatcher console, and update your managed package settings in one place

Field Service Lightning Setup Video

Here is agenda of session.

  • Enable FSL
  • Install the FSL Managed Package
  • Manage Field Service Permissions
  • Create & Assign Field Service Permission Sets
  • Assign Field Service Layouts
  • Set up FSL
  • Data Integration Rules
  • Feed Tracking
  • Enable Entitlements
  • Update Page Layouts 
  • Page Layout Assignments
YouTube video

Check complete Salesforce Field Service Lightning Training here.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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