Salesforce CPQ Custom Actions & Search Filters

Custom actions are buttons that sales reps can click to perform an action in the quote line editor, configuration, or several other detail pages. Custom actions have different actions available based on where the custom action appears in Salesforce CPQ. Quote line editor’s search filter is used to filter products, assets, or subscriptions by their field values.

This session will highlights how we create and utilize the abilities that Custom Actions & Search Filters offer in Salesforce CPQ.


Date     : JAN 7, 2021 9:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST )
Where : https://youtu.be/cAQyhhPLR6E
Speaker  :  Sudha Sundaram

Learn & Win

In addition to this, All Apex Hours CPQ attendees are eligible to win the following

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  1. Reply
    Ankit Desai says:

    Hello Amit and Apex Team. I attended the 4th Salesforce CPQ training session today.

  2. Reply
    Asish Patnaik says:

    Hi @Apex Hours,

    Attended todays session on Salesforce CPQ Custom Actions & Search Filters. Another step forward towards the path on learning and exploring Configure, Price and Quote..!

  3. Reply
    Satish Undapalli says:

    An excellent session on Salesforce CPQ Custom Actions & Search Filters!!!

  4. Reply
    M A says:

    Good session today. Thanks Apex Hours team for the wonderful session.

  5. Reply
    Kishan Patel says:

    Completed session 4. Another good feature to increase sales productivity by having Custom actions and Search filters in Quote line editor. Thank you Apex team.

  6. Reply
    Nasif Hasnain says:

    DAY4: Completed custom action & search filter

    Thanks Apex Hours

  7. Reply
    Ella Fedotova says:

    @ApexHours Episode 4, Salesforce CPQ Custom Actions & Search Filters, completed. Thank you! #ApexHoursCPQ

  8. Reply
    Lijo Bose Cyril says:

    Completed Custom Actions & Search Filters | EP4..Thanks

  9. Reply
    manikumar says:

    Session 4:
    Thanks for the session

  10. Reply
    PS says:

    Not able to see Product Family value in Field Source Field during Dynamic Search Filter. I have added in the Product Family picklist value in Search Filter Object with the same API name as Product Family Field of Quote. I also tried with diff API name but still it’s not popping up. Any solution to this ?

    • Reply
      N says:

      Did you resolve this?

    • Reply
      NK says:

      The API names on both the fields should match. ie Product_Family__c on Search filter and Quote.

  11. Reply
    Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat says:

    I hope you enjoyed the session

  12. Reply
    Ashish Yadav says:

    Completed Wow… Custom Action has nice power..

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