Salesforce CPQ Bundles

Bundles are nothing but collections of products that are offered together. Bundles may be pre-packaged, allowing no modifications or they may be configurable which is mostly the case with Salesforce CPQ, allowing the user to determine the structure of the bundle. When configurable, this is often guided by rules that are put in place that validate the configuration and ensure that the products that have been chosen to make up this bundle are compatible with each other.

In this session, we would look at what bundles are, what are Product Options and how we logically group options in a Feature.


Here is agenda of session.

  • What is Bundle?
  • What are Product Options
  • How do we group Options Logical in a Feature?
Date     : JAN 13, 2021 9:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST)
Where : https://youtu.be/XdBcysdGuKo  
Speaker  : Sudha Sundaram

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  1. Reply
    Ankit Desai says:

    Session 8# CPQ bundle Completed.

    The session is very helpful to configure the bundle for Quote Line.

  2. Reply
    Asish Patnaik says:

    Hello @ApexHours,

    Attended todays session on 13th Jan 2021 on “Salesforce CPQ Bundles” and that was quite helpful in my CPQ learning path. Hope to explore more on this topic.

  3. Reply
    M A says:

    Got the essence part with Products yesterday and Bundles today which forms the foundational blocks for your enterprise product catalog. Thanks ApexHours team and Amit for your contribution.

    Completed today session successfully. Thanks Sudha Sundaram 🙂

  4. Reply
    Satish Undapalli says:

    Salesforce CPQ Product Bundling in a nutshell!!!

  5. Reply
    Kishan Patel says:

    Completed Session 8. very helpful session around Bundle, product options and how to configure bundle with feature and option. Thank you Apex hours team.

  6. Reply
    Nasif Hasnain says:

    DAY8: Completed CPQ Bundles.

    Apex Hours Team

  7. Reply
    Lijo Bose Cyril says:

    Session 8# CPQ bundle Completed.

    Nice Explanation.Thanks

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