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Einstein GPT FIrst AI for CRM

Salesforce Einstein GPT

Finally today, Salesforce announced and laughing Salesforce Einstein GPT. This is a world’s first generative AI for CRM! Salesforce Einstein GPT #EinsteinGPT will allow you to generate trusted content from your CRM data. Means every piece of content generated, whether…

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

MuleSoft Composer empowering business teams to connect apps and data to Salesforce fast with clicks, not code. It integrate apps and data, instantly, No more waiting on development resources to unlock data. What is MuleSoft Composer ? MuleSoft Composer is…

Einstein Vision and Language

Einstein vision and language

Einstein Vision is an API used to easily AI-enable your apps with image recognition. Leverage pre-trained classifiers or train your own custom classifiers to solve a vast array of specialized image-recognition use cases, all without a data science degree. Join…