Join us to learn about Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP. We will talk about what is NPSP, Salesforce Nonprofit Features, Donor’s Journey, Installation & Configuration and Learning Resources.

What Is Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP?

The Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP (formerly known as “Nonprofit Starter Pack) it is a set of managed packages and made available for free in Salesforce AppExchange. It allows to manage some common nonprofit business processes.

What NPSP Does?

Different organizations use different methods to keep track of all the ways you engage with your donors, clients and volunteers — on paper, in a mobile app, or maybe using Google Docs. With NPSP, you can track emails, calls, and meetings directly on your donor, client, or program records.

It’s all in one place in context, and accessible by those you choose, from anywhere, at any time. Mainly

  • Easily and effectively manage users, donors, contacts, volunteers, and more. Track Households and connections between your organization’s critical constituents.
  • Track donations, pledges, recurring and planned giving, hard and soft credits, and much, much more. Reconcile general allocation units, cash, and revenue across your entire organization.

Highly configurable and customizable, the Nonprofit Success Pack not only serves as a great donor management system right out of the box but can evolve as your organization and its needs do the same.

How can NPSP help a Nonprofit Organization using Salesforce?

The key features of Nonprofit Success Pack help you organize consistent data in a more meaningful way.


  1. Constituent Relationship Management
  2. Reports
  3. Recurring Donations

Program Management

  1. Program Tracking
  2. Services Tracking
  3. Cohorts
  4. Recurring Services and Attendance


  1. Personalized Content
  2. Emails from Templates
Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP

A Donor’s Journey with Salesforce

Stakeholder 360 unites your marketing, fundraising, programs, and IT teams on one integrated platform, helping you grow relationships with your stakeholders. Check out the Demo.

Let’s Get Started

Sign up for a 30-day trial to unlock the value of NPSP. Sign Up And To receive help with the NonprofitSuccess Pack (NPSP) please do the following:

1.) Log into Trailhead. Once there go to the following link for the Nonprofit Trailhead Group.

2.) Over on the right click on the button Join (in blue) if you do not see it. Next below where itsays, “Ask a question” click there, in the next box type in your question, and then click on “Ask the Community”

Learning Resources Trailhead:


How much does Salesforce cost for nonprofits?

NPSP packages start at $36/user/month and go up to $60/user/month, billed annually. If you are interested in opting for specific features like Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, Elevate, Accounting Subledger, etc., then they all have separate pricing options. You can check out the monthly and yearly pricing lists here.

How long does it take to set up Salesforce for nonprofits?

If you have all the documentation and details ready with you to apply for the Power of Us program, you should hear back from the respective team of Salesforce in about 2 to 3 weeks. After that, it shouldn’t take a long time for you to get started. Your trial will be made permanent.

How to get Salesforce for nonprofits?

You should start by opting for the NPSP trial and applying for the Power of Us program for nonprofits. Your nonprofit will also need to have nonprofit documentation ready to be able to apply.

What does Salesforce do for nonprofits?

Nonprofits can use the Salesforce CRM system to collect and store donor information and put it to work for events, fundraising campaigns, donor communications, financial and accounting systems, and more.

Can you learn Salesforce on your own?

Salesforce provides training with many of its packages. If your package does not include training, free courses are available on Trailhead.

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