Basics of Marketing Cloud

Want to learn about Marketing Cloud. Join our next session on Marketing Cloud. The aim of this session is to conduct a basic introduction of the different studios and builders in Marketing Cloud  and demonstrate a live walk-through of setting up a campaign which will touch on data design and automation best practices.


  1. Marketing cloud Introduction
  2. Use Case
    1. Data Design
    2. Automation
  3. Questions


Speaker : Merari Cebrian (Salesforce)
Date : Saturday, 29  JUNE 2019 10:00 AM EST ( 7:30 PM IST)


Here is recording of session

Here is PPT of session



Please note that we have limit of 200 attendees that can join the online sessions. However, recording will be posted on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe our YouTube channel to get notification for video upload.

Check our “Session in 2019” page for all upcoming and old sessions of 2019.

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