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Salesforce Certification Dumps: Are They Worth it? Many people asked me if I should use Salesforce Admin Dumps to clear my first exam, as their company or senior told them to. Let’s see why we should get rid of Salesforce Certification Dumps and what Salesforce dumps are.

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What are Salesforce Certification Dumps?

Salesforce Certification Dumps are a list of questions and answers from an exam. It is created when someone takes an exam and immediately jots down every question and answer they can remember. There are different channels and platforms where you can see Salesforce Admin dumps offered for free or at a price.

Salesforce Admin Dumps

Sorry to say, but many websites on Salesforce also sell or promote Salesforce Certification Dumps named “Salesforce Admin Practice Exam.” Just google “Salesforce Admin Dumps,” and then you can see the search result. It doesn’t mean all of them are dumps, but they promote “Salesforce Admin Dumps”.

You’re Cheating Yourself by Using Exam Dumps

When using a Salesforce exam dump, you really don’t learn anything, but you will only memorize questions and answers. Don’t use exam dumps it’s just not worth it. The risks are too high; the Interviewer will easily identify you, and you are just cheating yourself.  

Salesforce Certification Dumps

Why you should not use Salesforce Certification Dumps?

Let’s look at the reasons why you should not use Salesforce Certification Dumps.

1. Will you be able to complete your Interview?

It looks good when you are XX certified in your resume. But will you be able to clear the job interview? When you go for Salesforce Interview the interviewer will ask questions from those certifications only. They can easily identify that you are dumps certified.

2. Will not be able to prepare again

Think about if you cleared your exam today with dumps. But over time, you become an expert on the topic. Will you be able to evaluate your skills again? No, as you can’t take the exam again.

3. You’re Cheating Yourself by Using Exam Dumps

The purpose of certification is to validate your knowledge and skills. If you remember 60 questions and clear the exam will able to become a Salesforce Developer, resolve business requirements and clear the interview? I hope you got your answers here.

4. What about if you got the job with Fake resume and Dumps

You might get certified with the dump and make some Fake resume. I might also get a job too. Let’s see How does this affect your career?

  • You can’t ask for help for simple development. According to your team, you have X Number of experience. Due to that, you might need to spend the whole day on simple work.
  • I found that that student took support from someone from offshore and worked over the night to get their work done.
  • Fake experience destroys your peace
  • It also brings fear, anxiety and an unhappy lifestyle.
Fake Resume in Salesforce

5. It goes against all the rules.

At Salesforce, trust is #1 value. Check Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement and Code of Conduct. It can result in

  • Cancelation of upcoming certification exams
  • Removal or suspension from being able to complete online proctored exams
  • Suspension from taking any certification exams
  • Revocation of Certifications and Superbadges
  • Removal from the Salesforce Credentials program and the Trailblazer Community

Check out my friend David K. Liu video on Salesforce Certification Dumps.

Say No to Salesforce Admin Dumps

If I should not use Salesforce Admin Dumps then what i should do to clear my Salesforce Admin exam or any other Salesforce Exam?

  • Salesforce Practice Exam: Register for Salesforce-approved practice exam questions from webassessor. How is this different from the exam dumps?
  • Salesforce Certification Days: Register for the Salesforce Certification Days program. Which provides a free, half-day webinar to help you prepare for your Salesforce Certification. BONUS: All Certification Day webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $40 USD discount off ANY $200 exam.
  • Check FREE Training: Check free Training available on YouTube by community members or MVPs. Here is a list of some FREE Salesforce Training by Apex Hours.

Do you still need Salesforce Admin Dumps? Salesforce provided a lot of free content to prepare for the exam.


Help Salesforce to Protect the Salesforce Credentialing Program

Submit a case in Salesforce to report about Salesforce dumps.

Salesforce Certification Dumps: Are They Worth it?

No, when you go for the Salesforce Interview, the interviewer will easily identify you, and you are just cheating yourself.

Is the Salesforce certification hard?

No, you just need to give yourself ample time to prepare for Salesforce certification. Time depends on person to person, but on average, 2 to 3 months is good for any Salesforce certification preparation.

Should I use Salesforce Admin Dumps to clear my first exam?

Don’t use exam dumps it’s just not worth it. If the risks are too high, the Interviewer will be easily identified you. Even if you will clear your interview will able to solve business requirements? Answer is No.


Salesforce Certification Dumps are not as effective. You need to give yourself ample time to learn Salesforce concepts. Please let us know what you think about Salesforce Certification Dumps in a comment.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates.

He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

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  1. I think when creating a discussion like this, we should present both sides of the argument. From your perspective as a purist, I agree, but from the perspective of many people who want that vital ‘foot-up’, it can also benefit your career. It’s like practicing an IQ test. Sometimes practicing tests gets you into the rhythm and become Damian with the types of questions. To be honest that’s how I got through and now I’m a Salesforce Lead Architect adding great value to my company and earning €110k +. The key to the ‘dumps’ approach, is you are playing the game fair and square and as long as when you get that certificate, you work your backside off and continue learning and applying your knowledge. The other very important point, is that the Admin exam is very difficult, and in my opinion ‘a bridge too far’ for some people. And because their is no lower-entry level exam, what choice is left? Salesforce really don’t help the cause.

    • Thanks for your feedback, But Salesforce provide lot of way to practice for Salesforce Admin exam. You can use Salesforce Admin practice exam to prepare for exam. There is no use of using Salesforce Admin Dumps and clear the exam.

  2. Salesforce Certification Dumps also play crucial role in salesforce development learning. if you looking for the certfication then you might visit

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