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Salesforce User Stories in Action

Join this interactive session to understand how to write Salesforce-specific user stories, how to prioritize user stories, and learn some guidelines around story estimation. Join us to learn about Salesforce User Stories in Action and How to Write User Stories…

Omni Channel in salesforce

Omni Channel in salesforce

Omni-Channel in Salesforce is a feature that used in Service Cloud to automatically pushes work to your users in real time. Word “Channel” of-course means the way of communication e.g.-phone, web, email, etc and the word “Omni” means one way…

outbound Message in Salesforce

Outbound message in Salesforce

Workflow Outbound message can be used to connect or pass the data from Salesforce to any other external system using SOAP API. In the form of SOAP API notification a single SOAP message can include up to 100 notifications. What…