Auto launched flow in Salesforce

As the name suggests these are flows that can be launched automatically based on certain conditions or situations. For example, we can call a flow from the process builder, when there is any DML occurs like (Insert, Delete, or Update) or we can call the flow if there is any platform event occurs. Let’s learn about Auto launched flow in Salesforce.

What is Auto launched flow in Salesforce?

Auto-launched does not require any user interaction; it can be auto-launched when a record is changed while DML. This type of flow does not support screens.

Whereas a guided screen flow allows us to guide a user through a business process, an auto-launched flow allows us to perform complex processing on the backend without a user knowing. You can think of it like a process builder or workflow rule, but the complexity potential is much greater!

An auto-launched flow is sometimes called a headless flow because there is no GUI that a user interacts with.

Types of Auto launched flow

  1. Record Triggered Flow
    • Before
    • After
  2. Scheduled Flow
  3. Auto Launched flow (NoN-Record-Triggered flow)
  4. Platform Event Trigger

When to use Auto Launched Flow in Salesforce?

  1. Create a Custom label for the Account Records which are having industry as Education.
  2. Create a Process which will check if the Account Industry is Education then update the description given inside a custom label.
  3. When an account is created, crate a task under the same account. ( Non Trigger Flow ) with flow details
    1. Subject – Call
    2. Due Date – Todays Date
    3. Description – Account Description
    4. Related To Id account Id
    5. Owner Id – Account Owner Id
  4. When the Account is created also post a chatter notification to that account with below information
    1. The Account “Account Name” has been created by “Created By Name” on “Created Date”

Auto-launched Flow Demo

YouTube video

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