Prospect Qualification using Grading in Pardot

I hope you are enjoying our Pardot Training Workshop. We are on Day 7 and will discuss Prospect Qualification using grading in Pardot. In Pardot, you can use grading to qualify your prospects based on their demographic and behavioral information. Grading allows you to assign a score to each prospect based on your chosen criteria, such as job title, industry, company size, website activity, email opens, and more. The higher the score, the more engaged and qualified the prospect is.

Grading in Pardot

Marketers define grading as selecting an ideal prospect interested in the products and services you offer and not visiting your content and assets just for knowledge or career section. Grading can be done from A to F. The following parameters may be considered for the Grading system: Industry, Company size, job title, department, etc.

To set up grading in Pardot, you must first define your grading criteria and assign a point value to each one. You can use default or custom fields to collect the necessary information and set up rules to automatically update the grading score based on prospect activity. For example, you can give more points to prospects who visit your pricing page, submit a form, or attend a webinar.

Scoring Vs Grading

Pardot scoring evaluates how engaged or interested a prospect is in your product or service. whereas Pardot grade is how well that prospect fits your criteria of a ideal prospect.

Prospect’s engagement in you Marketing assets indicate their interest, and helps to make your Marketing content and techniques more defined and correct.

Prospect Qualification using Grading in Pardot Video

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Once you have set up grading, you can segment your prospects based on their score and prioritize your follow-up actions accordingly. For example, you can focus on prospects with the highest score or use grading to trigger automated actions, such as sending a personalized email or assigning a task to a sales rep.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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