Org Branding and Personalization

Join us to learn about Org Branding and Personalization in pardot. We will learn about different options for Org Branding and Personalization and how to use them.

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What is a Custom Tracker Domain?

Custom Tracker Domains is a variation or an alias of your own website domain. So, If Universal Containers had to set a Tracker Domain, it would be on the lines of 


Configuring Tracker Domains

Open the Pardot asset that you want to edit. Select a tracker domain for the asset from the dropdown. Save the asset.

Benefits of Tracker Domain

What is the Vanity URL in Pardot?

Vanity URLs are custom links to your Pardot assets that use your account’s tracker domains. You can customize the end of your links to replace Pardot’s auto-generated addresses.

Steps for creation of Vanity URL for an Asset

  • Open the Pardot asset that you want to edit.
  • Choose a tracker domain for the asset.
  • Enter a value in the Vanity URL box.
  • Save the asset.

Creating an Email Sending domain

Pardot email requires a domain that’s configured using a content delivery network (CDN) over HTTPS. Select ‘New Domain’ and follow these steps to verify a new domain.

  • Marketing Setup -> Content -> Content Setup -> Manage Domains -> Add a Domain.
  • Update the CNAME record at your domain registrar. 
  • Return to Setup and enter the subdomain in the Domain Name field.
  • For the HTTPS Option, select the Content Delivery Network (CDN) option.
  • Save the domain.
  • On the Domains list, click Activate in the Action column

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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