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Campaign And Folders in Pardot

Marketing Campaigns enables you to generate leads. Pardot campaigns are thematic touchpoints and track a prospect’s Source. Each Pardot campaign has a unique tracking code that tracks visitor and prospect activity when added to your web pages. Let learn about Campaign And Folders in Pardot.

Single touch vs Multi touch Attribution

Marketing attribution is the process to determine which marketing touchpoints led to a conversion. Single-touch only gives credit to one marketing touchpoint. Multi-touch assumes that all touchpoints play some role in driving a conversion.

Shift to Multi touch attribution in Pardot?

How do I shift to multi touch attribution in Pardot? Enable Pardot connected campaigns and manage campaigns from CRM.

Pardot Folders

Folders are a top-down organizational feature that house campaigns, emails, and other marketing assets together.

Folder: Content Types 

  1. Automation Rules       
  2. Files
  3. Custom Redirects
  4. Campaigns
  5. Layout Templates
  6. Forms
  7. Landing Pages
  8. Dynamic Content
  9. Form Handlers
  10. Drip Programs
  11. Emails
  12. Multivariate Tests
  13. Lists
  14. Email Templates


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