Prospect Qualification Scoring in Pardot

In Pardot you can qualify your prospect with Pardot’s scoring and grading tools. Scoring is based on what a prospect does, and grading is based on who a prospect is. In this session we will learn about prospect qualification scoring in Pardot.

What is Prospect Qualification?

Lead qualification is most important step as it’s the initial part of any buying process. Its important to use your marketing efforts in right way. You have many Leads and no function in place to check which lead is most interested in your product and services and which lead is a ideal buyer for you.

Lead qualification blends two measurement indexes—scoring and grading—to create a full picture of a prospect’s interest and suitability.

You define how important various interactions with your marketing content and website are by assigning point values to activities with a score. You define how valuable specific information about a prospect is with a grade. In this way, defining an ideal score and an ideal grade and codifying your ideal prospect creates a lead qualification model for your business.

What is Pardot Scoring?

Pardot score is used to define the interest of prospect in the product or service offered by organization. It helps to define the Pardot syncing criteria as well. Pardot score can be positive or negative. Score will be positive for activities like Pardot email open/click, form fill etc. Score will be negative for action say unsubscribe.


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I hope this session helped you to learn about prospect qualification using scoring in pardot. If you missed the initial session then check FREE Pardot Training here.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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  1. Thanks Amit & Aarti for wonderful session on Prospect Qualification & Pardot Scoring..
    It is helpful for Pardot consultant preparation ..

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