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Prospect Management in Pardot

Prospect is a visitor came from website or landing page having email address. We can create the prospects manually or we can do data import in Pardot. Prospects can be created manually, via import, or through a Salesforce sync.

Prospect Management in Pardot

Types of list in Pardot

Dynamic list:

  • The members will be added in the list whenever record follows the list criteria
  • Members will be removed from the list if they doesn’t follow the list criteria
  • Example- Dynamic list having Company =  “ApexHours”
  • The list will display all the records having company = ApexHours and if any record is further created with same company name, then it will be added automatically in List
  • If the company name for prospect is changed from ApexHours to something else, then those will be automatically removed from dynamic list

Static list:

  • The count of members in the static list will always be constant unless and until record is deleted in Pardot
  • Example- List import of random data will be stored in the list and further there won’t be addition of any records in it

Create Pardot Campaign

Pardot campaign is a touchpoint of prospect (Similar to source in other system). Most of the things in Pardot are connected with CAMPAIGN. Most of Pardot’s various marketing elements must be associated with a campaign, including emails, forms and form handlers, custom redirects, landing pages, and website tracking

Recycle Bin in Pardot

Its always a required thing in marketing automation tool to recover the deleted records. Pardot has its own recycle bin to recover the deleted prospects.

Prospect Management in Pardot Video

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