How to Setup Pardot in Salesforce

In this blog, we will learn how to Setup Pardot org in Salesforce to kick start your Pardot journey.

Configure Pardot in Sales Cloud

Here are required step to configure the Pardot in Sales Cloud.

Step 1- Sign up

Sign up on below link https://developer.salesforce.com/promotions/orgs/pardot-de. Once you fill signup form, you will receive an email and you can set your password.

Step 2 – Install Package

Install Package using below link http://www2.pardot.com/notes/pardot-appexchange-package-download-and-release-notes/. Click on Production environment & Install it for All users

Step 3- Setup Pardot Business Unit

Setup Pardot Business unit. Go to Setup -> Pardot account setup and give Business unit name and assign admin

Setup Pardot Business Unit

Step 4- Enable Pardot Lightning App.

Enable Pardot lightning App. Go to Marketing Setup as shown in below image and enable pardot lightning App

Step 5- Assign Sales or service or CRM permission set

Assign Sales or service or CRM permission set to your user So, we are assigning Sales Cloud User permission set to our user. Setup -> Permission set -> Sales cloud user -> Manage Assignment and assign it to your user.

Step 6- Pardot managed connected App setting

Go to setup -> manage connected app and edit b2bma_canvas App and make sure below setting is as per snap

Step 7- Access Pardot app

Click on App launcher and you will be able to see Pardot App. This App will navigate into pardot lightning screen. To Access Pardot classic, hit below URL and click on login with Salesforce https://pi.demo.pardot.com/ .

Step 8- Resume the Sync

Go to Pardot setting from Pardot lightning App -> Click on connector -> Once the connector is verified, click on resume sync as show in below snaps.

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