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Dealing with critical piece of the CTA board – Q&A

Join us in our next session to learn about Complexity of the Q&A in CTA Exam. In this session Praneel PIDIKITI will talk about how he deal with critical piece of the CTA board – Q&A.

If you are new for CTA Journey then please check our last session How to prepare for Salesforce Technical Architect exam and deep dive into #JourneyToCTA, with key tips.

Why is Q&A critical in a Review Board

  • Q&A is the last stage in the review board you will be confronting after 4+ hours of intense working
  • This is when Judges actively participate in a conversation with you
  • This is the last opportunity to fill the gaps in the overall solution
  • Only finite number of questions to cover the complete scenario
  • Different possibilities need different approaches
    • Solution is invalid
    • Missed a requirement / havent covered it because of time constraint
    • Solution is Sub optimal
    • Solution is Optimal, But rational is missing
    • Change of one solution / data model made another solution invalid

Required Skills / Approaches

My Experience dealing with Q&A

  • Everything is interlinked
    • Right Approach of Preparation helps your Presentation and Q&A
    • Right Approach of Presentation helps your Q&A
  • Try to cover as much details as possible in your artefact details and in the presentation narrative to cover the section requirements completely. So that we
  • can avoid any specific questions in the relevant sections
  • Build a mental map of the dependencies and the solutions
  • Minimise the unexpected / unknown
  • Pay special attention to the critical requirements
  • Judges are there to help us

Key Takeaways

  • Improve Overall Salesforce knowledge
    • Frequent assessments to find the weak areas
  • Practical experience will help
  • Get comfortable with the data model changes during the Q&A
  • Avoid snowball Effect & Dominos Effect
  • Understand why and what was being asked before answering
  • Improve muscle memory for Q&A, make them as a reflex
    • Practice Flashcards every day
    • Practice OAuth flows and integration patterns
    • Cheat Sheets
  • Practice section based grilling sessions with study buddies

Three Questions

  1. How deep / detailed should my answers be ?
  2. Can I skip a question ?
  3. Can some sections be covered with out a need for questions in a
  4. Q&A ?


Here is agenda of session

  1. Why is Q&A Critical in a Review Board
  2. Required Skills / Approaches
  3. My experience dealing with Q&A
  4. Key takeaways
  5. Q&A about Q&A


YouTube video
Date     : SAT Feb 06, 2021 10:00 AM EST (8:30 PM IST )
Speaker  : Praneel PIDIKITI (#CTA)

Please note that we have limit of 100 attendees that can join the online sessions. However, recording will be posted on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe our YouTube channel to get notification for video upload.

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