My Top 5 AppExchange Apps

My Top 5 AppExchange Free App

In this post we will talk about Top 5 FREE Salesforce AppExchange Application. If you want to learn about how to submit your appExchange product for Salesforce Security Code Review then check this post. CMTD Enhanced Related List CMTD Enhanced Related List is a “Custom Metadata Type Driven” Lightning Component that provides enhanced features to … Read more My Top 5 AppExchange Apps

Conga Composer Digital Documents

Conga Composer

Conga Composer is a document generation tool that helps us to not only generate the document but also allow as to build and automate the documents. If you want to generate pixel-perfect rich documents in Salesforce like quotes, invoices, contracts etc. then using Conga Composer in Salesforce is the way to go. What is Conga … Read more Conga Composer Digital Documents

Salesforce GraphQL

Salesforce requires most of the time multiple integrations with other systems (e.g. ERP, Billing, Marketing, etc.), and GraphQL API is a relatively new API approach which makes integrations way easier. Salesforce Rest API is Good The Salesforce Rest API is easy to understand and use. Basically, you can set a REST API client (for each … Read more Salesforce GraphQL

Eliminate Manual Data Entry in Salesforce with FormAssembly

Entering data manually into Salesforce is tedious and time-consuming. By implementing a Salesforce-connected all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform like FormAssembly, Salesforce users are able to collect the data they need through customized online forms and automatically create records for both standard and custom objects in Salesforce.  By eliminating the need for manual … Read more Eliminate Manual Data Entry in Salesforce with FormAssembly