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The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it, a dire need for today's workforce to acquire new skills rapidly, to stay relevant in the fast paced work environment.

As for students who are entering the workforce, it has never been imperative, than today, to learn skills and keep up with changing times! This was the motivation that led the A-Team to conceive the Student Chapter of the Apex Hours Program.

We definitely don't intend to kill your curiosity rat! So here's a little more about the program.

What is Salesforce Student Apex Hours and what's in it for me ?

Salesforce Student Apex Hours is an online series of 10 sessions, with each session specifically tailored for students across India and globally and led by experienced Salesforce experts with a diverse industry experience.

The program helps students acquire Salesforce skills through a practical show and tell method during sessions and helps on-board students into the dynamic Salesforce eco-system!

How can I become a part of the journey?

An open mind, some hunger to learn and a browser with a good internet connection is all you need to get started. RSVP for the online sessions from the Apex Hours for Students Agenda page and you are off to a great start!

I know… you’re probably thinking … don’t fret, as all sessions will be recorded and posted to our YouTube Channel so you can learn at your own pace. We will also have other spaces for you to collaborate with us.

Did we mention that it’s completely Free?


The topics below are what will be covered, over the course of the 12+ sessions as a part of the Salesforce Apex Hours for Student curriculum. Feel free to suggest other topics or provide us with some feedback in comments section!

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and Salesforce - 1 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  2. Modelling Data in Salesforce - 2 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  3. Customizing the User Interface - 5 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  4. Aggregating & Validating Salesforce Data - 6 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  5. Automating Business Processes - Part 1(Process Builder and Workflow) - 7 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  6. Automating Business Processes - Part 2 (Flow)- 9 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  7. Automating Business Processes - Part 3 (Approval process)- 12 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  8. Managing Data Access - 13 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  9. Who Sees What in Salesforce? - 14 Aug, 2019 ( 7:00 PM IST )
  10. Auditing & Troubleshooting Errors - 19 Aug, 2019 ( 7:30 PM IST )
  11. Data Management with Salesforce - 20 Aug, 2019 ( 7:30 PM IST )
  12. Making Sense of your Salesforce Data - 21 Aug, 2019 ( 7:30 PM IST )

So stay tuned and keep watching this space for more learning!



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44 thoughts on “Salesforce Apex Hours For Students”

  1. Super excited to join these sessions , will get to learn a lot and will surely be a boom to our career 😊✌️

  2. Super excited to join these sessions, a platform from where we’ll get to learn frm scratch which will surely give a boom to our career ✌️

  3. Thanks for conducting such sessions. I am really glad to attend this.please do share the updates about the same .

  4. Is session is open for non-salesforce(employee)& eager to learn minded people like me ?!!
    I am interested to join this 🤗😊

  5. Hi Team, We are a group of 10+ non salesforce exp. professionals , and we want to learn the salesforce . can we join these session to get understanding of salesforce.

    And do we have Q& A sessions as well ?

  6. Hi Team, these sessions are really helpful to a beginner like me and thanks for conducting such series of sessions.
    May I know if any plan for such series for SFDC development ?
    Thanks for this truly

    • Laskhmi, we are soon going to start with a similar program in Feb 2020 that involves sessions around programmatic development. Keep watching this site and our twitter handle for more

  7. Hi team,
    Have missed your admin session of 2019…
    How come will I get all the session recordings?
    Could you please guide me with the same.

  8. Hello
    I am new to the Salesforce world and do not have any programming background. It is really hard to learn to program? I have an IT support background that included application, network, and hardware support.
    I am eager to learn SalesForce and wanted to start from Admin part and then move to Dev part.
    When do you start your new session for SF Admin?

  9. Thanks for making these Salesforce learning videos. I am very much interested to learn more and for appearing for the certification exams


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