Automating Business Processes with Flow

This episode talks about the declarative tools available on Salesforce to automate and orchestrate business processes involving business logic. In this session, we will learn how to Automating Business Processes with Flow.

What is a Business Process?

Series of structured steps defined in a specific sequence attained with the help of people or tools to achieve a desired business outcome in the form of a service or a product. There is a different tool available in Salesforce business automation.

Difference between Workflow Vs Process Builder Vs Lightning Flow

Workflow Vs Process Builder Vs Flow

Automating Business Processes with Flow

Flow is an automation tool provided by Salesforce which can be used to perform various tasks like, Sending an Email, Posting a chatter, Sending custom Notifications &, etc using clicks instead of code. Flow can be triggered for record insert, update, and record delete and it can be run for both after and before events. As an admin, Flows are going to be your best friend because you will be able to handle the majority of complex business requirements without the help of a Salesforce developer.

Types of flows in Salesforce

Currently, we have the following types of Flows in Salesforce

Lightning Flow Building Blocks

Automating Business Processes with Flow Demo

YouTube video

Further learning

Please try below Trailhead module for further learning :-

  1. Build Flows with Flow Builder
  2. Salesforce Flow Builder Training

Here is playlist link for all recording. Please check Episode 7 to learn about “Automating Business Processes with Salesforce – Part 3” .

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