Who Sees What in Salesforce

It is said that loose lips sink ships! Hence the security of your business data residing within Salesforce is of the essence. This episode talks about the tools and techniques available to enforce data security on Salesforce. Let’s see Who Sees What in Salesforce.

What is OWD?

OWD stands for Organization Wide Default (OWD). Organization Wide Default settings are baseline settings in Salesforce specify which records can be accessed by which user and in which mode.

What is Record Ownership?

Record owner have full Access to record and they can Read, Write, Delete & Transfer Records to other users. Record owner can share a private.

Determine User Record Access in Salesforce

Record Sharing

Sharing enables record-level access control for all custom objects, as well as many standard objects(such as Account, Contact, Opportunity and Case).

Who Sees What in Salesforce Demo

Here is recording of session.

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Further Learning

Who Sees What in Salesforce

You will be presented with many scenarios that assess your ability to understand why a user can or cannot see a specific field/record/object. Ensure that you understand the different tools at your disposal: record types, profiles, roles, and role hierarchy, permission sets, manual sharing, programmatic sharing, and groups. Please check our old session on same topic.

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