Model your Salesforce Data

Introductions are fun, and this time around, we will be scratching the surface a little more to understand how to model your Salesforce Data. In this session, we will learn about the difference between Standard and Custom Object, Different data types in Salesforce, and the Lookup vs Master Details relationship.

What are Objects in Salesforce

  1. Salesforce Objects are like DB tables
  2. We use them to store persistent data
  3. It has additional properties and features.

Standard vs. custom objects

Standard Objects Custom objects
API names of standard objects do not end with __c API names of standard objects do not ends with __c
API names of custom objects end with __cExample of the custom object name is Employee__C or Department__c
Limited CustomizationFully Customizable
Examples of standard objects are Account, Contact & User Standard Objects are out of the box: The objects provided by Salesforce are called standard objects.

Lookup VS Master detail

LookupMaster Detail
This is a parent-child relationship.The detail object is deleted when the Parent is deleted. This links two objects together.
Both linked records have independent sharing and security settings. The detail record inherits the sharing and security settings of its master record.
Roll-up summary fields are not available on lookups.Parents can have Roll-Up Summary fields.
Reference to linked records is optional. The detail record must have a Master record reference.
Up to 40 lookups on a custom object (child can have up to 40 parents)You can have 2 master details on an object.
No Cascade deleteCascade delete

Choosing between Standard & Custom Objects, Relationships in the CTA exam.

Model your Salesforce Data Session

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Further Reading

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Here is the playlist link for all recordings. Please check Episode 3 to learn about “Customizing the User Interface“.


  1. Sorry About Wrong number on PPT. Here is updated limit for master detail and lookup in salesforce.

    NOTE: Master-Detail Relationship Fields, per Object (Standard or Custom) –> 2

    Total Relationship Fields (Master-Detail + Lookup), per Object (Standard or Custom) –> 40

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    Thanks for the recordings.

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