Salesforce Spring 23 Top Features for LWC

Let check Salesforce Spring 23 Top Features for LWC. My Top Spring’s 23 features for lightning web components are View Debug Information for your wired Properties, Use the Improved Conditional Directives, Query DOM Element with Refs, Use the UTAM Browser Extension to Identify Page Object( Beta) and Synchronize Component Data without a page refresh using RefreshView API (Beta). Let see Lightning Web Components Enhancements.

Salesforce Spring 23 Top Features

1. View Debug Information for your wired Properties

Now you can access wired properties and methods debug information via custom formatters in Chrome DevTools. Before to that, to debug data with a wired property, we had to use a wired function to return your data and inspect the deconstructed  data  and  error  properties.

Check video to learn more about this. Check Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions in 2023.

2. Use the Improved Conditional Directives

To render HTML conditionally, we used to add the if:true|false directive to a nested <template> tag that encloses the conditional content. But with Spring 23 we can do Conditional Rendering in LWC using new lwc:if, lwc:elseif and lwc:else.

In this blog post, we will talk about the lwc:if, lwc:elseif, and lwc:else conditional directives introduced in the Spring’23 release and Let see how lwc:iflwc:elseif, and lwc:else conditional directives supersede the legacy if:true and if:else directives.

Sample Code

    <template lwc:if={expression1}>
        Statement 1: Hi
    <template lwc:elseif={expression2}>
        Statement 2 : Hello
    <template lwc:else>
        Statement 3 : How are you?

Check Conditional Rendering in LWC using lwc:if, lwc:elseif and lwc:else.

3. Query DOM Element with Refs

Now you can use refs to access elements in shadow DOM and light DOM. Refs locate DOM elements without a selector and only query elements contained in a specified template. Before, we could only use querySelector() to locate specific DOM elements.

4. Use the UTAM Browser Extension to Identify Page Object( Beta)

To make it easier to select page objects (POs) when you write a UI test for a Salesforce application page, use UTAM’s browser extension for Google Chrome. You get the appropriate set of POs for the page that you’re browsing. And the extension identifies which page elements are affected by the methods in a selected PO.

5. Synchronize Component Data without a page refresh using RefreshView API (Beta)Show less

Now the ability to synchronize data without reloading an entire page is a key user experience requirement. In Spring’23 release new lightning/refresh module and RefreshView API provide a standard way to refresh component data in LWC and Aura. RefreshView API’s detailed control of refresh scope lets developers create refined user experiences while maintaining backward compatibility.

Salesforce Spring 23 Top Features for LWC Video

YouTube video


Let us know you Hottest Salesforce Spring ’23 Features For Developers. I hope this Lightning Web Components Enhancements will help you.

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