Salesforce Solution Architect

One of the most sought after roles in the Salesforce Ecosystem these days is – Solution Architect. One of the most common questions that are being asked is – how can I become a successful Solution Architect. Solution Architect, in general, is an individual liable for the transformation of requirements into a design that becomes the “holy grail” for the solution being implemented.

In this session, we will together learn what are the most important qualities and mindset that needs to be embodied by an individual to become an accomplished Solution Architect. You will be able to learn the golden rule of thumb that needs to be instilled and inculcated to succeed as a Solution Architect.

A Salesforce Solution Architect must master a number of skills to be able to solve for complex business requirements. In this session we will cover 10 steps to navigate the road to becoming a Salesforce Solution Architect. Using real-life examples, this session will help with tips to prepare and build this unique powerful skillset combination


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