One of the most sought-after roles in the Salesforce Ecosystem these days is Salesforce Solution Architect. One of the most common questions that are being asked is how can I become a successful Salesforce Solution Architect.

In this post, we will together learn what are the most important qualities and mindsets that need to be embodied by an individual to become an accomplished Salesforce Solution Architect. You will be able to learn the golden rule of thumb that needs to be instilled and inculcated to succeed as a Solution Architect.

What is Salesforce Solution Architect?

Solution Architect, in general, is an individual liable for the transformation of requirements into a design that becomes the “holy grail” for the solution being implemented. Solution Architect is one who understand the multi-Cloud Architecture. Core of Solution Architect is balance between technical, business and delivery leadership.

Where do we Start?

Let try to understand what is needed to become a Solution Architect? You should have following skill :

  1. 2.5 Years of Salesforce Experience
  2. Mix of Admin+ Apex Development experience
  3. Good Sales Cloud and Platform foundational Knowledge.
  4. Admin and PD1 Certified. Preparing for Sales Cloud Consultant.
  5. Want to become a Salesforce Architect some day!

What is the role of Salesforce Solution Architect?

Whats does a Salesforce Solution Architect do? Here is Roles And Responsibilities Of A Salesforce Solution Architect

  • Provides solution: Provides solution design for the workstream capabilities while ensuring it fits with the overall program design decisions and architecture
  • Delivery leadership: Leads the activities to create and refine the high level solution design, getting input from key stakeholders including Technical Architect and Product Owner.
  • Technical leadership: Collaborates with Technical Architect on the technical solution
  • Requirement gathering: Works closely with BA in facilitating business requirements gathering workshops; investigates the needs for complex solutions and identifies out of scope requirements
  • Provides input into user story creation, acceptance criteria, taking into account solution design challenges and complexities.
  • Works closely with Technical Architect to estimate the user stories
  • Works with the build SA and build team to resolve platform issues
  • Works with build SA to assure the solution design is being followed
  • Works with the Build Team to ensure development efforts adhere to design considerations and business requirements
  • Participates in all key meetings, including feature backlog refinements,, sprint planning and PI Planning meetings

How do I become a Salesforce Solution Architect?

A Solution Architect must master a number of skills to be able to solve complex business requirements. In this session, we will cover 10 steps to navigate the road to becoming a Solution Architect. Using real-life examples, this session will help with tips to prepare and build this unique powerful skillset combination.

10 Step Journey to a Solution Architect

Join us and learn about how to become a Solution Architect. In this session, we will talk about 10 steps to because a Solution Architect.

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Solution Architect Certification

There are Salesforce Solution Architect Certification also provide by Salesforce.

  1. B2C Solution Architect: The Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect credential is designed for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience architecting and driving multi-cloud solutions that deliver business value for the customer
  2. B2B Solution Architect: The Salesforce B2B Solution Architect certification is intended for individuals who have knowledge, skills, and experience architecting and driving multi-cloud B2B solutions that deliver business value for the customer.
Salesforce Solution Architect Certification

What is the difference between Salesforce technical architect and Solution Architect?

Key PointSolution ArchitectSalesforce technical architect
FoucusSolution Architect focus on business requirement.Technical architect deep dive into technical details and System Architecture.
DeliverySolution Architect create user Stories, process flows and wireframesTechnical Architect created the technical specification, data model, System landscape and design integration patten.
Best practiceSA follow business and industry best practices.TA follow Salesforce technical best practices.
CommunicationSA communicate with business stakeholderTA mostly communicate with developers and technical teams.


How much experience is needed to become a Salesforce Solution Architect

If you have 2.5 Years of Salesforce Experience then you can become a Solution Architect.

Any one can become a Solution Architect?

Yes, This is a combination of Admin+ Apex Development experience.


A Salesforce Solution Architect must master a number of skills to be able to solve for complex business requirements. In this session we covered some real-life examples, I hope this will help with tips to prepare and build this unique powerful skillset combination.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates.

He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

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