Operating Hours and Service Territories

Now, that we’ve installed the package. The first step would be creating Service Territories and Operating Hours.

Operating Hours

Operating hours serve as the basis to identify the availability of a resource for a work type at a service territory. Define clear time slots for service territories, work types, and service territory members to obtain the right availability for an appointment.

FSL Operating Hours

Service Territories

Service territories represent regions in which field service work can be performed

FSL Service Territories


Introduction to Operating Hours and Service Territories

  1. Create Operating Hours
  2. Create Service Territories
  3. Use the ‘Guided Setup’ to create remaining territories , skills and work types

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    Ketan says:

    Thanks for detailed session and configuration part of Service Territories

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    Dinesh Chakravarthy says:

    Thanks Amit & Khyati for sharing the service territories Setup and its Functional details. This is giving more insight to learn individual objects where they give an important role in FSL.

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