My Top 5 AppExchange Apps

In this post we will talk about My Top 5 AppExchange Apps. If you want to learn about how to submit your appExchange product for Salesforce Security Code Review then check this post.

CMTD Enhanced Related List is a “Custom Metadata Type Driven” Lightning Component that provides enhanced features to display related list records in Lightning App. Configure the Filter, Sort, and Fields on this reusable component on any lookup records to group relevant records in a single page (eg: Open and Closed Cases).


  • Max Number of records: 500
  • Max Number of fields: 30
  • No auto refresh

Download the Application from here CMTD Enhanced Related List

2. Lightning Messaging Utility

Whether you’re a Salesforce Admin or Developer – the way you deliver messages to your users is key to building a user-friendly app! Lighting Messaging Utility gives you the tools you need to build clean and consistent messages at all times. Simple messaging components to keep your users informed.

  • Lightning web component
  • Fully customizable
  • Built for Admins & Developers

Download the Application from here Lightning Messaging Utility .

3. Lightning Mockup Components

Mock up entire layouts through Placeholders, Rich Text to capture Notes, Headers, Tables and Images. Move components around the page using the standard App Builder, instead of daily turn arounds asking for updated comps

  • Whiteboard your Salesforce layouts and customization within Lightning
  • This is a suite of components that help you create ‘Digital Paper Prototypes’ to help you and your customers quickly envision what the Lightning Experience could be for them.

Download from here Lightning Mockup Components.

4. Mass Update And Mass Edit From List View

Search and Mass Edit/Update/Delete multiple leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and custom objects.

  • Great tool to help your users do mass changes to records in both Classic and Lightning
  • Mass delete records capability

Download from here Mass Update And Mass Edit From List View .

5. Field Dumper

Tool to produce an Excel document that shows the data model and field level information of the Salesforce Objects. It generates a nicely formatted Excel file with one sheet per object. It is great for Data Dictionary

Field Dumper

Top AppExchange Apps Video

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