Live Web-Chats

Live Web-ChatsWeb-Chat is a channel that helps connect customers to support agents so they can get the help that they need, where and how they want it. In this video, we will understand how to set up webchats in our org and can we utilise this wonderful out of the box feature that Salesforce offers us.

What is Live Web-Chats?

Web-Chat is a channel that helps connect customers to support agents so they can get the help that they need, where and how they want it. It’s made up of a few different parts in Salesforce.

  1. Chat: the agent part. It gives your support agents the power of conversational messaging right in the console.
  2. Omni-Channel: the delivery. It gets chat requests to the right agent.
  3. Embedded Service: the customer part.It provides a chat window that’s optimized for mobile browsers, too, so customers have a great chat experience whether they’re on their desktop or mobile phone.


  1. Check our recording for below topics
  2. Set up Web-Chats
  3. Add Branding to the Embedded Chat
  4. Create Pre-Chat Form.
  5. Create Offline-Support Forms.

Advantages of Live Web-Chats

  1. Connect agents for higher productivity.
  2. Build a smarter team.
  3. Get personalized , real-time help online or in your apps.
  4. Improves the support experience for customers.
  5. Provides 24/7 support.
  6. Increases customer engagement.

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    I Have One Query in Pre-chat we are using Some Fields for Collecting Information in Backend if any Validation Rules are active to validate data like (Eg : Phone number must should be 10 Digit) it effect to the Pre-chat or not?

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