Introduction to Screen Flow

In this session we will talk about what is screen flow in Salesforce. Screen Flow in Salesforce is one of the many types of Flows that you can use to enhance your users’ experience. A Screen Flow is called through a button or action, or displayed in a Lightning Page or the Utility Bar, and appears as a screen to the user to interact with. This cannot be automatically called. Check

What is Screen Flow in Salesforce ?

Screen flows are the flows where we have the user interaction and user will see a UI where they can either enter some inputs or select of records. For Example, You wanted to create an Account record using Screen Flow where the user need to input all the required fields and then on click on submit button the account is created.

A guided screen flow can do many things for us. We can reduce the amount of validation rules that we need for data entry. It provides us with a logical flow of data entry that can dynamically change based on the values inputted. A nice screen flow allows us to guide a user through a business process and avoid giant top to bottom screens.

Introduction to Salesforce flow if you missed our first session.

How do I create a Screenflow in Salesforce?

What makes screen flow attractive is that you can do all this without writing a single line of code.  All use declarative point-and-click tools. Ah, now I have your attention.

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Difference between screen flow and Autolaunched flow.

Screen flow needs user interaction since it consists of screens, steps, choices, or dynamic options. On the other hand, Auto launched Flow does not require human interaction. Screens and choices are not supported by this flow type.

Further learning

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Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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  1. Hi Amit. I did everything exactly like you. But the account ID is not inserted into the lookup field of the new created contact. I created a variable for input. and used it in create record.

  2. How do you create a flow that will create a contact record BUT will check to see if that contact already has a record in Salesforce?
    I’d like to create a screen flow to allow a person to create a contact record and add multiple new contacts to a Household (NPSP). Is this possible> Thanks.

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