Designing APIs in MuleSoft

Join us to learn about how to Designing APIs in MuleSoft.  What is API Specification & Design Center?

What is Anypoint platform?

Anypoint platform is a one Stop platform for APIs and integrations.

  • Design Center – Design and Develop API’s
  • Anypoint Exchange – Place where we will be able to share, discover api’s and reusable assets
  • API Manager – Helps in Managing APIs by invoking policies
  • Runtime Manager – Where Applications are deployed
  • Access Management – Configures Access and permissions within organization
  • Anypoint Monitoring/Visualizer -Provides Monitoring and real-time graphical representation of APIs
  • Secret Manager – Place to store and control access to private keys, passwords, certificates, etc.

What is API Specification & Design Center?

An API specification provides an understanding of how an API behaves. Like all below

  • What kind of Request it accepts?
  • What kind of Response it returns?
  • What are the mandatory fields/Data Types/Security etc..

Designing APIs using Anypoint Platform Design Center

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Design Center in MuleSoft

API Designer helps us to create API Specification in RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML). It supports RAML 0.8 and 1 versions. It also supports OAS 2.0 & 3.0 both YAML and JSON versions (not in our scope). After creating Specification , it can be published to API Exchange so that it is available to your organization.

  • Resource: It is the unique name we give to identify a resource
  • Method: GET , POST , PUT , DELETE , PUT , PATCH etc
  • Request : like Body , queryparams, uriparams, headers.
  • Response: like response Body and response type
  • Http Status: 200,201,400,404,500 etc ..

No two resources can have same name & method!


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