Introduction to External Services

Introduction to External Services

In this session we are talk about Introduction to External Services. What if you could now start doing API Integrations without any code? Let see how . Agenda :- Introduction to External Services (Beta) Demo FAQ What Problem Are We Solving Nowadays there is an API Integration in every Org Development effort that goes into … Read more Introduction to External Services

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Salesforce Apex Hours:- Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates

Lightning Component Framework Updates

This session is focusing on Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates. Agenda :- New Base Components (Carousel , inputfield,outputfield,input address,list view ,record Edit form , Tree grid) Using flows in lightning components Demo FAQ Recording Here is PPT of Session Here is Recording of session. Please Subscribe to the channel to get notification for upcoming recording. If you … Read more Salesforce Apex Hours:- Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates

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Salesforce Apex Hours:-Big Object

Big Object

In this session you will learn about Big Object, Need for Big Objects and Big Object Use Cases. What is a Big Object? Object that stores & manages massive data volumes within Salesforce without affecting performance. Does NOT count against org data storage limits. Processing scale of 1 billion records. Agenda :- Need for Big … Read more Salesforce Apex Hours:-Big Object

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