API Led Connectivity

Join to learn about API Led Connectivity and Application Network accelerates transformation. This session is for all audiences and can help technical and non-technical people to have conversations with Enterprise Architects and Business stakeholders and sponsors when talking about this approach to Integration.

What is API Led Connectivity?

API-led connectivity is an architectural approach that’s closely associated with MuleSoft. API-led connectivity emphasizes the creation of well-defined APIs for different layers of an organization’s IT infrastructure. API-led connectivity follows a “bottom-up” approach, starting with the creation of APIs at the system layer, which are then reused and combined to build higher-level APIs in the process and experience layers.

This approach encourages reusability, modularity, and separation of concerns, making it easier to manage and update integrations as the organization’s needs evolve.

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Three Layers : System Layer, Process Layer & Experience Layer.

System APIs

System API’s are built to connect through underlying systems (Any system which contains the raw data). Basically System API contains Sensitive information as it contains raw data. Should never be exposed for public use. Eg : APIs which connect to Databases , Salesforce, SAP systems, Hadoop systems etc.

Process APIs

Process API’s are built to compose or combine two or more System API’s Usually to do any kind of transformation or to implement any kind of business logics or shape the data out of system apis. It may perform aggregation / splitting / routing the data. Process APIs must be private and should not be exposed to public for use. Eg: Aggregating Customer Data and Product Data that comes from 2 system APIs where Actual data is originated , to provide Order Status.

Experience APIs

These are API’s which are a kind of a wrapper either to Process API’s (if present ) or to System API’s , so that Client/Consumers can use it. Client/Consumers will not have exposure or contact with direct Raw Data. We can have minimal Data Transformation like the final result to be in JSON or XML or whatever the consumer wants to have. Remember , if there is any change in System API , we do not need to modify or change anything.

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Amit Chaudhary

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