Episode 7 – Automating Business Processes Part Approval process

This episode talks about the declarative tools available on Salesforce to automate and orchestrate business processes involving business logic.

In Episode 7, we will cover the following topics

  • Declarative Tools for Business Process Automation
    • Approval Process
    • Escalation Rules
  • Q & A

Don’t break a leg if you are overwhelmed with the pace of the live sessions. All Apex Hours for Student sessions will be recorded and will be available on our YouTube channel. So learn at your pace and free will and ace your journey to Salesforce!

May the force be with you!

Here is recording of session.


Episode 7 was presented by Jigar Shah on Aug 12, 2019 at 7 PM Indian Standard Time.


Further Learning

1) Build a Discount Approval Process
2) Escalation Rules


Here is playlist link for all recording. Please check Episode 8 to learn about “Managing Data Access in Salesforce” .

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