Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedule

Discount Schedule

Salesforce CPQ offers discount schedules to create volume discounts based on quantity or terms for your quote lines. You can set the quantity or term ranges in tiers of percentages or amounts of currency. There are two types of discount schedules – Range and Slab. In this video, we will go through how to set … Read more Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedule

Price Waterfall

Price Waterfall

Salesforce CPQ natively tracks seven different prices associated with a product through the quoting process. Each of these prices are calculated or updated in a cascading fashion to give shape to what is known as the “Price Waterfall”. From a Salesforce CPQ pricing perspective, Price Waterfall is a very important concept to understand and in … Read more Price Waterfall

Price Rules & Lookup Queries

Price Rules & Lookup Queries

Price rules automate price calculations and update quote line fields. This feature is useful if your business contains products that change in response to the presence of other products on a quote. Price rules inject a static value, field value, or summary variable into a quote or quote line field. Price Rule has associated Price … Read more Price Rules & Lookup Queries

Deep Dive into #JourneyToCTA With key tips

Certified Technical Architect Certification Guide & Tips

Join us and learn about How to prepare for Salesforce Technical Architect exam. We will do deep dive into #JourneyToCTA, with key tips and artifacts for success with Q&A. The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) solves complex, large-scale customer challenges to produce secure, scalable, and high-performance solutions that maximize the full potential of the Salesforce Platform. … Read more Deep Dive into #JourneyToCTA With key tips

Salesforce CPQ Product Rules

Product Rules

We can evaluate a product option, quote, or a quote line against user-defined conditions and perform an action in response. Product Rules allows us to define configuration logic that is more advanced than Option Constraints.  There are four basic types of product rules – Validation, Alert, Selection and Filter. In the video, we would look … Read more Salesforce CPQ Product Rules

Logging in Salesforce with RFLIB

Logging With RFLIB1

Debugging in Salesforce has its challenges. Sometimes, there might be an Apex error email with a stack trace, but this does typically just point at a location without telling the support person anything about the context of the error. What were the arguments passed into this method? What did those queries return? Nobody knows. To … Read more Logging in Salesforce with RFLIB

Salesforce CPQ Option Constraints

Option Constraints

Configuration logic can also perform non-technical validations, to control how products are offered together from a commercial or business perspective. The two primary types of configuration logic Salesforce CPQ offer are Option Constraints and Product Rules. This video is focused on Option Constraints. In the video, we would look at how the configuration logic can … Read more Salesforce CPQ Option Constraints

Salesforce CPQ Bundle Configuration

Bundle Configuration

Use the configurator to add or remove options from your bundle products. The configurator displays your bundle features and the options available within each feature.  Based on certain product fields, you can enter the configurator when you add a bundle product or click reconfigure bundle on a bundle product quote line. In the video, we … Read more Salesforce CPQ Bundle Configuration