Setup Lightning Service Console

in this session we will learn about how to setup lightning service console in Service Cloud. We will also learn about Macro and quick text in Service cloud.

Lightning Service Console

The Service Console is a standard Salesforce Lightning console app that meets all your service needs. You can customize this app to make it your own. With the help of this, agents can speed up the activities like creating new contacts, cases, registering products and processing returns, all without losing the context of the interaction or needing to switch screens.


A set of instructions that tells the system how to complete a task. When a user runs a macro, the system performs each instruction. Macros help your team save time and add consistency. Macros can perform multiple actions.

Types of Macros


  • The record page to use macros includes a publisher like the Chatter component, and the actions you want to use, like Email or Log a Call. 
  • Add the Macros widget or utility to the app.
  • Create a permission set and add the following permissions:
    • Object Permissions:
      • CRUD on Macros object
    • App Permissions:
      • Select Manage Macros Users Can’t Undo
    • Macro Settings.
      • Enable Share and organize macros in folders.

Quick Text

Quick Text Saves users time by Stop retyping the same message over and over. Helps you standardize company messaging. By inserting predefined messages like 

  • Greetings
  • Answers to common questions
  • Short notes


Check our session to learn about how to setup lighting service console , macros and quick text.

Please check this post for our old and upcoming session on Service Cloud. Here is playlist of our service cloud sessions recording.


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    Thanks To Jiji jayaSingh for Wonderful Session and Sharing Your Knowledge with us.

    In this Session we can learn.
    1. Lighting service Console
    2. SoftPhone utilities
    3. Macros
    4. QuickText

    Once Again Thanks to Jiji jayaSingh, Amit Bhaiya and Apex Hours Team.

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