Set Trigger Order on Flows

While finding the Spring 22 pre-release treasure hunt. I found the “Trigger Flow”. Biggest problem with Flow was to control the order of execution. Now we can set Trigger Order on flows to control the order of execution of the record triggered flows.

Set Trigger Order on Flows

With “Trigger Order” option we can set the order of execution of record trigger flow. This is also another great feature after Flow Trigger Explorer in Spring’22. While saving the Flow you can set the Trigger Order number field to set the order. As per tool tips. You can enter a number from 1 to 2000 to prioritize the order that the flow triggers run for a specified object. The Trigger order value determines the order that flows with the same object.

For Example, you can prioritize an after save flow to run before other after save flows on Case Object. But you can’t prioritize an after save flow to run before any before save flows or before an Apex trigger.

Last time, we talk about “One Flow per object per context” rule to control the order of execution in record Trigger flow base on Apex Trigger Framework. Now question is that we really need One Record Triggered Flow Per Object Per Type flow design pattern?


Now it makes a lot of sense to go with “multiple flows per object” as you can control order of record trigger flow order by set Trigger order on flow? It might be to really please share your thought in comment. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite feature of Spring’22.


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    Asif k says:

    It makes sense to have multiple flows …… enhancing one flow without affecting others is easy. Will this field get auto updated for existing flows out there ?

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    Rebecca Ralls says:

    Holy cow!! This is so great! I can’t believe it’s hidden down in advanced settings. Thanks for pointing it out!

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