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Single Sign-On for Canvas App

Join us to learn about what is canvas app and how to configure Single Sign-On for Canvas App. Lets users easily access a new or existing application as a part of their Salesforce experience.

What is Canvas App?

Canvas allows developers to connect existing legacy system or any web-based application with Salesforce using JavaScript and REST API. Canvas applications can be displayed in Chatter, Salesforce Mobile Cards or Visualforce page.

SSO for Canvas App Demo

A canvas app in one Salesforce org functions as an identity provider, authenticating another Salesforce org that’s the service provider. The canvas app, hosted in the identity provider org, uses a signed request to reference a Visualforce page in the second org.

SAML Single Sign-On for Canvas App Video

Let’s check the demo.

YouTube video


I hope you enjoyed our SSO for Canvas App post.

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