Salesforce Quip Guide

Let start our Salesforce Quip Guide. You will gain an understanding of the features and benefits of Salesforce Quip for Customer 360, and resources for Quip implementation. If you a Quip or Salesforce admin interested or just getting started with Quip for Customer 360 this session is for you.

What is Salesforce Quip?

Quip is collaborative documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chat rooms directly within Salesforce objects and records. Quip can be attach to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud – and when combined with Chatter.

Learn more about Quip for Customer 360 Admin Foundations.

Feature of Quip

Quip docs embedded in Salesforce are:

  • Real-time – simultaneous editing, commenting and messaging in docs, spreadsheets, and slides.
  • Rich – robust content creation, social messaging, and mobile collaboration.
  • Contextual – built-in chat is in every doc so all work lives directly in Salesforce.
  • Template – Salesforce Admins can enforce business processes with single-click, best-practice doc templates.
  • Integrated – Quip and Salesforce are a secure, two-way street of data exchange and decision-making.
  • Cloud-based – Built on our trusted technology platform, Quip for Customer 360 is 100% cloud-based.

Quip for Customer 360 Video

YouTube video


Let us know how you use Salesforce Quip in your organization. I hope this Salesforce Quip Guide helped you to learn quip.c

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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